Final Submissions


Ring of Elysium - Xtreme Survival challenge
FInal submission - Alfonso escape scene…

Avishek Banerjee


Ring of Elysium - Sylvia redesign 2D - Final submission - Jonathan Wenberg


Jeffrey (Jeff) Talbot
Final Submission - Bradley Redesign 2D

So I decided to redesign Bradley with the theme of fire protection/fire fighter. Was an incredibly fun brief that I really enjoyed exploring. Hope you like the result and best of luck to everyone else, there’s some killer work in this thread!

I have all my work up over here including some colour sheets I didn’t get around to showing in the WIP thread.


Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)
FInal submission - Escape Scene (Alfonso)


Marcin Soboń
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Alfonso escapes


(edit: just made some small color corrections)


(Edit: decided to make some final touch-ups for horizontal version, it’s not changing much, just polished some details)

link to portfolio:


Jessica Ferry | pnutbutterprincess
Final Submission - 2D Sylvia with Grappling Hook


Jens Fiedler
Final Submission - Option A - 2D Sylvia with Grappling Hook


Marat Usmanov
Final Submission - Option B - 3D - Sylvia new uniform design

And final high poly:


This is my final submission. i hope you like it and good luck to everyone!


Natthaphong Deeworakit (Pae Dee)
Final Submission - Option B - 2D - Sylvia new uniform design


Gordeyev Dmitry
Final submission - option A - 2D (Alfonso)


Paul Drummond. Final entry option A - 3D

I thought there would be a few entries with the volcano in the background, so instead this shows the effects of the eruption. A high angle also emphasises the danger.

Once finished I realised I’d composed it as a wraparound book cover out of habit.


Sergei Krylov (sqroll)
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Sylvia escapes volcano eruption

my portfolio:


Pavel Tomashevskiy.
Escape route.


Dev Bye-A-Jee
Final submission - OPTION A - 2D Bradley & Hang Glider Escape Scene


Sylvia with Grappling Hook

Made by Loriane “Miloria” Auzanneau


Abhinav Sharma
Final Entry: Alfonso Escape.


Julian Hellwig - Final 2D & 3D Submission
Option A - Alfonso & BMX

Final 2D

Final 3D

Final 3D Turnaround

All the work is uploaded on my website and my portfolio as well:

Thanks to the people at Tencent Games, Lvl80, CGMA & CGSociety for this opportunity and organizing everything!


Raja Nandepu
Final submission - OPTION A - 2d Bradley


One more variation.

Avishek Banerjee
Option A - Escape scene - Alfonso’s leap

This challenge was a great learning experience for me. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and support. All the best people. . :smile: