Final Submissions



Anna Kalantarov Final Composition, Thanks for the course!


Congratulations to the winners!! Awesome work people! Thank you David, Manny, Cg Society and Corel for this awesome course :smiley: Can’t wait for another one :slight_smile:


Congrats m8


Congratulations to the winners, well done!


Congrats., congrats. Where is the winner list post?


Thanks Man! How do we view who the winners were?


Congrats to the winners! It was awesome seeing everyone’s progress. The winners announcement came through email.

Any chance we could get some comments on what stood out in the particular winning pieces to make the final decision?


via email


Some probably didn’t get e-mails. Can you please share it with us here?


1st Place - David Fernandez
2nd Place - Vladislav Andonov
3rd Place - Johanna Rupprecht


Tnx dude and gz winners.


Wow! Really! I just found out. I cannot believe it.

Really big thanks to David, Corel, Wacom And CGMA for this course and the prices. Much obliged.


This is incredible! Thank you all for the congratulations, and great job to every single participant in this course! The work everyone did here was truly inspiring!

Thanks do David, Corel, Wacom, and CGMA for this amazing opportunity!


Great, congratulations guys! And thanks David and everyone on CGSociety for the course!


Nice work guys, congrats!!


Congrats @Vladislav Andonov! Loved your work from start to final.


Congratulations to all the winners.


Grats to the winners. Your work, and everyone’s was amazing.

Sadly, my last week was very busy so I never got a chance to submit a final piece, but I still learned/relearned a lot so it was absolutely totally worth it! I hope there will be more sponsored classes in the future.


Thanks, I’m very happy that you like it.