Final Submissions


Juan Araya/Final


Adam Shepherd, Final

Thank you very much for the course it was really good!


Jennifer Heseltine Final

Thank you. Looking forward to more of these courses!


Karlen Tam Final

Thanks for the fantastic class.


Christina Bai / Final

Thank you so much for the course! I really learned a lot!!!


Yen Shu/ Liao/ Final


James O’Shea - FINAL

Thanks for the awesome class David, CGS, CGMA + Corel! Here’s my Final entry. Learned a lot from the videos and from the other students feedback. Looking forward to more classes. Thanks again!


Hi everyone,

I also wanted to thank Cg society, David Harrington as well as Corel and Wacom for creating this course. It’s been a great opportunity and I’ve learned a lot. More so it’s been wonderful and inspiring to see all the amazing work posted here. Hopefully we’ll get to see more work from all of you.



Hi! I was without internet, I hope there is a little bit of time for mi final submission.

Thanks for everything! It was great!


I hope I didn’t miss the deadline, I didn’t see the final submission topic until late night yesterday. It would be a shame if I did @David Harrington


Not sure if anyone will see this, but I just noticed in the rules for the course/contest this:

“Final entry must be included in your portfolio to be considered for a prize.”

I submitted mine after seeing this, but does this mean that I am, along with anyone else, ineligible for the prizes if we didn’t submit our final to our portfolio by the 3rd?


The best!


Craig Wilson, Final


Though I am not sure I completely understand what’s going on there on your image, the mood and colors are lovely! My favourite piece here so far, great job!


I like that sort of heavenly mood and feel of your piece and a sence of journey. Excellent work!


Yeah, I’m not sure on all that. Hopefully, they cut us some slack. I put mine in my portfolio but I’m not sure when I did it. I think it did it by the 3rd but I didn’t know it had to be in there. I was thinking final submissions in this thread was all that was needed.

Of course, it would be my own fault for not following the directions exactly. They were posted. And of course, I might point out I found it a bit difficult to keep up with what was going on. It seemed like I barely kept up with the classes as it was and more than a few times was saved by someone sticking a link into a thread pointing me to the right place. It could just be my lack of familiarity with the website which was new to me.

Either way, I had a great time working on my own piece as well as watching all the other entries come to life. I learned a few things that will help me going forward and I’m anxious to practice them and see how much they improve my overall product. I’m very happy with the experience.


Oh I forget about it as well.


Jonathan / Ordoñez / Final


Ginger Opal/ Final

I had internet trouble when this was due. I know it’s way too late, but I thought I’d post it anyway because I know I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone else’s finals! Mine’s not finished, and I’m going to continue working on it.

This was a wonderful class and I hope there are more like it in the future! A huge thanks to everyone involved in making it happen!


Thanks so much! I’m glad that mood came across :grin: