Final Submissions


Yay, done!! This was an awesome course. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback!

Johanna Rupprecht, Final


Final Submission Stavros Theiakos



Alessandro Febbraro Final


Hey guys, ensured to upload the work to yours CGSociety portfolio!


Oh, This is really nicely done. I always have problems doing close interior shots like this. Never understood how to set the perspective for this camera angles.


Jonas Quidsinski Final


Lucas Salvador - Final


Brian Lorenz, Final


Jennie Griswold Final

Thanks for everything, guys…seeing everyone’s fantastic work was super inspiring. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time!


Thank you, Pawlack! :slight_smile:


Natalie Pavlidou / Final


Jonathan Stratis - Final
Thanks for everything! This course was actually the first time I drew scenery of any kind (I usually draw characters) and I definitely felt that my backgrounds and environments got better as the course went on.


Pavel Goloviy - Final.



Rachel Finley, final


Oleksii Rostunov Final


Justin Matthews Final

Thank you all for your feedback through the weeks. Thank you David for teaching the class, and thank you to manny and the others who have helped coordinate the event!

I have learned SO Much and am thankful to have such a great resource to get into digital painting. I come from a 3d background so this was quite a stretch for me, but I have loved every minute of it.

Good luck to all!


Marjorie Farkas Fowler: final


Robespierre Araujo - Final Submission. Posted the wrong one before. Thank you guys, I’ve learned a lot. Cheers!


Bre Sorenson, Final Submission

I’m going to let my writer-nerd self come out for a moment.

The path is the same, though overgrown, no thorns or vines to bind ones toes. The grass is lush and dewy as a new morning dawns- the stream gently seeping into the ground around it. Her childhood sanctuary sat just as high as ever. It bordered the edge of a forest, and held its ground against the thick fog of unknown.
She is home.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, I grew a lot myself in technique and skill (and patience).
It was so much fun to talk with all the other artists here and be apart of the community! I am especially grateful for the time I got to focus in Corel Painter- learning how to paint digitally was much more enjoyable that way :blush:

This is a first of both for me- first in environmental design / art and first in digital painting. I probably made it so much harder on myself, but I really enjoyed learning.


Gabriela Bacila - Final

This course was pretty challenging for a first attempt at trying to design an environment. But I also had a lot of fun with it! Thanks everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: