Final Submissions


Great mood :slight_smile:


So this is it.

Pawel/ Hordyniak/ Final

I would like to thank to everybody that gave me feedback, it was really helpful! And of course CGSociety and David for making that course possible! :slight_smile:


Jennifer Deicke / Final

So here we go, this is my final piece.
I had a lot of fun with this course and gained some good experiences with painter.
Thanks everyone for your feedback.
And thanks to CGSociety and David giving us the opportunity to learn.


Ivaylo Matkov, Final


Daniel Robson - Theme Cyberpunk - Final

Thank You!


Fernando Suarez Groen - Final


Aleksandra Spieczynska Final


Alexander Kämpe, Final


Rafael Sato - Final


Paula Garcia, Final

Big thank you to David, CGSociety and Corel Painter for this amazing course!


Hi, here’s my submission to this great course!

The development was very challenging, but I really had a great time developing this piece. I struggled a bit, especially in the rendering phase, which helped me a lot in having a better idea on what I need to improve from now on.

This piece tells another part of a Viking/Norse-related story I have been developing in my spare time during this year. In this one, Johann and Maria, twin brothers from a Norse village in the north, after wandering inside a mazy forest, reach the ruins of an ancient Norse stone town. Soon later, within the ruins of the town, they come across a huge tree in the only spot illuminated by the sunlight. There, they notice a spear blade stuck within the tree, which is later removed by Johann with the help of Maria. The tree is then awakened and reveals itself to be the ancient guardian of Gungnir, Odin’s spear! The guardian then notices the bond between the twins and Odin itself, and grants Johann the permission to hold Gungnir’s blade before entering its final slumber.

Thank you CGSociety and David Harrington for this great course, and everyone for the great inspiration on these final submissions!


Vladislav Andonov - Final

Hi everybody, this is my final.

A very Art Nouveau inspired environment - ornaments, buildings, some airships. Usually I avoid very complicated compositions, with lots of people and elements to draw in. Really challenging for me, but if not now, when? I’m glad I’ve done it. It happened a very beautiful piece.

Ok, I’ve watched the last webinar from Week 4 and I took the notes given by David. I really thank him for helping me with all the suggestions in solving the composition for this piece.

I’m not sure I can rework it on time, because I draw slowly. So, consider this as final.
If I manage to redraw it, I’ll change the final with the new one. :slight_smile:
Really, Thanks again!

Really big thanks to David, Corel, Wacom And CGMA for this course and the prices. Much obliged.


Alex Clark - Final


Alex Baston - Final


Jesse Meigs - Final

Thanks for all the instruction!

edit:uploaded a flattened lava view previously this one has brighter fire.


Vlad Zvarun - FINAL

Want to say a big thank you to David and CGSociety for this course! Regardless of my final piece I can really see how much I have developed my painting and designing skills during these lessons, and now I am even more passionate to push it more and more to get to a professional level. :relieved:


Eugeniy Ivchenkov - Final

Met a lot of obstacles with this one. Starting with new software and ending with new techniques. Anyway, it was a great experience and a unique chance to learn from so many different artists with different styles.
I feel that I’ve grown a lot from this cource.
Special thanks to David for the amazing feedback on webinars!


Richard Greenaway Final
thanks guys glad to be a part of this… still got a long way to go and a lot to learn but very happy I stuck to the end… great job everyone


Final Michael Callahan

I really like the things that was taught in this workshop, like rhythm, composition and using a gray scale before using colors and then finishing the composition. Also the examples of works that were critiqued on the weekends where great and seeing how to improve these works can really help on see how to improve ones own work. These concepts will be incorporate in my future works which is a great value that I received from this class. Thank You for this instruction.

Also I did like the fact that some of people in this workshop gave me suggestions on improving my work for them I would like to say Thank You.


Anirban Sen Final

Here is my final submission for week-4 Final Color and Illustration. I added lot more details in the fly which I didnt planned before like the carpet, table, a rack for keeping his bows, trunk. All these came into my mind while I was adding the details. I also played with the scale a little bit. Hope you guys like it. I really had a lot of fun participating in this competition. David is really nice and great teacher to learn form.