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CONGRATULATIONS Fundamentals of Environment Design WINNERS!

Arief Rosli Final


Juan Pedro Ramos, Final


Edmund Chan - Final


Nadia Hurianova. Final.


Sasa Miladinovic. Final


Greg Bugtong, Final


Keith Stanley | Final
The House in the clouds, two friends get trapped in an alien world and inside the tree house is a portal that is the only way out. The house is a lot bigger on the inside and rooms change and rearrange, and your worst nightmares come true. I tried to give it this alien ethereal look to the environment and a cool place to visit.

Had a lot of fun doing this course, it was pretty challenging. I’ve learnt a new program and gained some new skills that i will use in the future.


Luke Fornari - Final

Also made sure to upload this to my CGSociety Portfolio. Was a pleasure undergoing this course under the tutelage of David Harrington, and the great feedback received from the other course participants, wishing you all the best!


Inês Pereira | Final


Richard Rosa. Final.


David Fernandez Final


Gorbacheva Maria, Final


Van Eliot Santos, Final


Miroslav Misic Final


Denisa Urbanova final


Weatherly Tan Final


Mary Jane “MJ” Pajaron, Final


Hugo Vedes Final


Aditya Prabhu Final