final list on what to correct in mia_material


what’s the mia_material and mia_carpaint slots that need to be gamma corrected if using a 2.2 gamma in the lense shader (assuming that all texture used are non linear and working in a 8bit format)

*PLZ the purpose of this thread is not to explain how to achieve a linear workflow, it’s just about what to gamma correct in your material in this frequent situation.
Correct my list where it’s wrong.



Dear lord…should I not even bother to use a MR lens anymore? What’s the pay off for using a lens?


gamma correction and tonemaping.
But you could do that in post and avoid all this.


Right now post is winning…





Hey Roy,
Not trying to naysay or derail, but I’m curious why one would gamma-correct nodes instead of using the framebuffer? Do your results using this method mean you don’t need any postwork? I’m new to linear workflows and still have no idea how it works, but when I render out to .exr using the framebuffer gamma correction, my images are very weird in Photoshop and I think I’m screwing something else up, somewhere.

Again, no intent to derail. I really just have no idea how this stuff works.


Roy: I’m not sure I agree with your choice on reflection and refraction color. I mean, the way I see it, these both act like a multiplier for color that has already been gamma corrected, so it seems like we are doubling up if we do it again.

– David


i have my reasons. I dont like doing that in the FrameBuffer, it can give some artifacts sometimes but some people tolerate them and prefer this method. Just make sure you gamma correct the maya color swatches even if you use a framebuffer gamma.


i did some tests and you are right, the reflection color and refraction color should not be gamma corrected, here is the new list.

But what are your thoughts on the mia_car_Paint list?


Is it possible to compile a phenomenon in such a way that it internally corrects an array of color slots - like these which along with royterr, we debate whether… or whether not to gamma correct?


imo this should be mental images or autodesk’s responsibility. It’s all poor thought when it comes to workflow for the artist in Maya.


exactly, i just can’t tell how much maya 2010 disapaointed me.
Now since Maya 2011 wont be out before a year, let’s stick with the thread original subject and try to establish a final list.
Does anyone have comment on the LIST. Do you think its correct?


Basically each time you have a non black and white color slot you gamma correct, or even better you import images which are already in the right color space. I’m not 100% sure but that’s what I understood.


Shader should not correct anything. But Maya should display gamma corrected colors (color picker), for example like it works in Slim.
So it’s only Maya GUI problem, that gamma is not supported yet.

If you need gamma corrected textures, you just need to disable gamma in lens shader and enable it in frame buffer.


I tought if you make your texture in linear space before being in maya (in photoshop or any other soft) and you don’t put a lens, nor change the framebuffer, the output color is fine. It works just fine (well it works for me anyway) so the only thing which is not cool is the color picker which don’t show the right color like said the big master above me (aka puppet).
Linear workflow get simplier by the minute. :slight_smile:


Once again I have issues with your choice for reflection color, which I would not gama correct. Even though the attribute name is color, I still think of it like data since we are saying how much should be reflected. So 50% grey means reflect half, and 50% red means reflect half and only reflect red.

– David




I don’t really get the part about worriying about gamma-correcting swatches/nodes or whatever that much that you seem to do my good sir. If it looks good, stick with it, if it looks washed out hook up a gamma-node in there. Sure the gamma-workflow in maya isn’t really up to speed (I use max at work) but in some cases it almost feels like some kind of lwf-gamma obsession :smiley:

My 2 cents.



ok, i see. Here’s the list updated.

How about spec / spec sec / flake color / dirt color, do you think they should be gamma corrected?


Yes, for flake color and dirt color. They are just like surface colors.

Probably no for spec and spec sec.
I’ll explain my logic:
We have specular color and specular weight, but considering color as hue/saturation/value, then the value is like a weight as well. So really we could just use colors with value=1 and then use the specular weight to lower its intensity. And if we use colors with value=1, then gamma makes no difference.

– David


ok i see.
But what if, for a certain reason i had to deal with a spec color that does not have a value of 1, should i gamma correct that color?