Final Image TIFF uploads open


Yes :thumbsup:


Do I need to download a FTP Client software in order to upload my final tiff image? I got the name of the zip file, etc, but I don’t know where do I finally upload. I tried putting the hostname as the url. Unfortunately I’m confused. This is all new to me.


don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue: … if you’re using Mozilla Firefox …
[color=White][color=Orange]> head over to this page and download the “FireFTP” add-on …[/color]

> check out the preview images …

[color=White]once installed, go to tools, you’ll find FireFTP right there :slight_smile:

> also, here’s the link explaining everything about FireFTP and how to connect and transfer files to a remote server …
see under “general usage” > “[/color][/color][/color]How do I connect to an FTP server and use FireFTP to transfer files?”

hope this helps ya :stuck_out_tongue: take care!:slight_smile: n good luck! :thumbsup:


That was so helpful! thank you! I followed all instructions on how to upload !

— I FINALLY DID IT! hihihihih :slight_smile: it appeared when I clicked on the Refresh button again. even though it didn’t appear on the right side at the FTP directory (which I thought it was supposed to appear) Thank you so much. I’ happy there’s people like you who takes a little of your time to help out people like me that are new to this whole thing!


most welcome! :stuck_out_tongue: … actually the uploading time will take a while … also make sure the name that was provided by them for the .zip file has been entered correctly … once the uploading process is complete, disconnect, close fireFTP and make your way through the ‘upload image’ section, enter your username / password carefully, further specifying the type of challenge, then finally entering your address … your entry must be displayed there :wink: … if not … contact MIBUS as soon as possible!

good luck to you! :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe :smiley: okie dokie :stuck_out_tongue: … remembering the matrix … you can say … “i’m in!” :smiley:


I uploaded my image with ftp but i got no “we’ve received your entry”-message. Just a thumbnail of the picture… Am I done? Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!


Beretta: Yup, your entry is marked “complete” in our system.


i have sucessfuly posted my final image to the ftp in a zip file but the image that comes up as my final image is a smaller version that i used when i posted a final image as a milestone. im not sure how its happening or what i can do to make sure that the file i uploaded as a zip is the one that is submitted as a final image.

any help would be great.

thank you


Hey friend… The image you see is just a PREVIEW of your image. As long as the preview shows up, that means CGSociety has your FULL and COMPLETE file. No need to worry, it arrived safely.

It’s just a low res PREVIEW, no bearing on the actual file. It’s just there to make sure that you uploaded the accurate image. Think of it as a thumbnail.


I uploaded my image with ftp, i got a thumbnail of the picture. I think I’m done… But when I connect via ftp with same username and password the folder is empty. Is this normal? thanks.


I cannot connect to the ftp-server
because of an invalid password
the password is sbimage, right ?

please help me, I’ve got only 2 hours left for my entry


yes the password is sbimage

Username: challenge19
Password: sbimage

Not sure what the problem could be, make sure the username and hostname are EXACT. If it still doesn’t work it could be your ftp software. I used Smart FTP… it is free and worked without any problems at all and it is very easy.


Yes, that is normal.


Hello Mibus.

I do not know if this is possible. Your server was down this evening. The image was done though… it is done…

I will forfit any prize that I could possibly win… 100%

I just want my final set of images to go to the judges…

Any possibility of that ~!!!

View image here:

It is 1:03 am now EST. I tried to upload the image at 11pm.


Stupid question: When will we find out the winners? :shrug:
I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I don’t remember reading anywhere about it.
Thank you!


We haven’t set a date for the winners announcement yet.


Let’s hope that Santa gets here early this year :slight_smile:


Hi Mibus,

I haven’t seen my challenge entry up on any of the galleries, even though I’ve submitted it for the cg choice gallery more than a month ago. I thought it was a little strange, since I’ve been seeing other entries up on the galleries for a while; and also because my old illustrations got into the showcase gallerie in the past years with no problem. Is there a particular reason for that?



problem solved. thanks a lot!