Final Image TIFF uploads open


OK everyone!

Now that we’re closing in to the end of the challenge, it’s time to start uploading your final TIFFs via FTP.

Head over here - - to get your FTP details. Upload your image to the FTP location given (remember to give the ZIP the specified filename) and hit the Refresh Image button.

Good luck!


Hello Mibus

at this address

My final entry comes up with the first draft of my story. I’ve edited the text since then a few times, for spelling and other concerns, and I’d like people to see its final form with the image. I’d appreciate if it can be updated as it appears in my thread now… Is that possible?

Thanks a lot!


You can re-post the same image you uploaded last time, along with your final written copy.


Thank you so much! That was easy…


sry if that`s a noob question^^:
shall I name the Zip file the number code shown at the “ftp information” screen? and how do I have to write my final TIFF?
cause I thought I read somewhere that my name has to be in there too…



and how do I have to write my final TIFF?

Preferably as an uncompressed RGB TIFF.

cause I thought I read somewhere that my name has to be in there too…

Your name is on your CGChallenge entry, which is automatically linked with the filename you are given for your ZIP.


Hello everyone.

Please i have a problem with the FTP that you gave me, because i can’t upload the file i don’t now what to do !!


Can you please be more specific?


thanks for your respond

i will try to be more specific so the problem is that i can upload the file but when i restart FTP i don’t find anything
so if you find a solution for this please respond thank you very much


Jadir, to be sure if it is uploaded, try to click on “Refresh” in the “Submit Final image” cpanel. If your image appear there (a little button and then if you click on it a resized image appears in another window) is that it is correct, if not you need to upload it again. Hope it helps.


Please would someone know when the final submission time will be for my local time zone as I am little confused. I am in UK so I am currently GMT 0 (DST+1) which is 22.22pm on Sat 27 October. The stated date for final submissions in the instructions is 29th October with no time given. However when I make an submission entry the time left says Time left: 2 days, 14 hours, 34 minutes - which would be the Monday 30th October at about 1pm on Tuesday 30th October for my local time. I thought maybe this discrepancy was due to the times being different in Adelaide where CGSociety is located but it appears that the 29th of October will actually be tomorrow for my local time (Sunday 28th October) as Adelaide is 10 1/2 hour ahead. Which time reckoning is the one to use?

Thanks for help in advance.


Hi, Mibus,

I also curious about what Subha asks…
may i know how big usually the file…i mean the minimum and maximum? is it until 100 mb or more? So i won’t send file too small or too big.

Thank you


  1. Does the file name of the Final Image that we zip have to be same as the name for the ZIP folder?
    Like for example if the ZIP folder is must the file within be named 928745_252.tif ? Or can it be anything?

  2. Do we have to upload a .txt with the text associated with the image, or will you check the text in our challenge page?

  3. Is it ok if the resolution of the image is bigger than 2657x3636 ? Regardless of the answer to that… how can I see what DPI amount my image has?

I’m sorry for asking so many questions, but I want to be sure I’m doing it right!
Thank you!


Yap, hi Mibus…
Well me too, don’t get it, THe counter says still 1 day and 11hours, which means that down here in BElgium the contest will end on tuesday the 30th at 14h +/-…
Is that so?Do I just respect the counter above the submit page?
Thanks Mibus!:beer:


Time of closing - run by the countdown timer!

Maximum filesize - don’t be silly, but 100MB+ isn’t any problem.

File name - just the ZIP, the TIFF can be anything

Text file - nope

Image resolution - anything* you want, 2657x3636 is a guideline only.

(* as long as it’s print-resolution for a full A4-ish page, or close enough to).


So the deadline for the challenge has been extended until Nov 15th? My counter yesterday said 1 day and 15 hours but it is now saying 17 days. I just want to be 100% sure so I dont go into adjusting things that would make it hard to complete if my timer is messed up.



Yep, trust the timer :slight_smile:


[b]Hi ALL I`m very disappointed with this 15 more days.

You are giving a chance to the disorganized people to win organized people. And you know that, we had a lot of time, and you know that too.

SO I`M NOT SURE IF I LL DO MORE CONTESTS IN CGTALK, even with the high prizes. And I hope the other peoples (organized) do the same.[/b][b]

Thank you very much, and I hope you understand me.



Rodrigo (banzato) - With all due respect my friend, I don’t know exactly why you enter the challenges, but your reaction to an extension, though certainly understandable, is not exactly something you have to make note of. I myself was happy to awake on the intial set date of competition close expecting it to be over. But it wasn’t… a full 2 week extension was given. I personally discovered the challenge late (september 29) started and finished on time. I am certainly dissapointed that my anxiety for the finish has been put on hold for 2 weeks:) , but there is no reason to be upset.

There are several people who have other things doing and some who just take longer than others. Whatever the reason may be why some are able to finish and others aren’t doesn’t matter, but at least a chance is given to them to complete what they have invested time working on. The challenge is not exactly a do or die, kill or be killed situation. We are all people and things happen. If it were you on the other side of things I believe you would be grateful instead of disappointed. Anything can be a reason for not making a deadline, not always disorganization… and again, things happen.

If you are concerned that someone else gets more time to realize their idea, which you might believe is better than yours in the end, then you are competing for the wrong reason my friend. I certainly hope that’s not what really upsets you, especially with you being a teacher. More time equals more finished pieces, more finished piece equals more artist’s work to be enjoyed.

You yourself have a lovely piece by the way. I wish you the best of luck!:thumbsup:


Hiun -

Woww, this couldn’t be explained in a better, and more mature way, I like the way you think my friend.

banzato -

I’m myslef a bit dissapointed for the extended deadline. Because it’s more waiting and stress for me too. But I’m happy for the other artists, for the reasons Hiun described. When I run out of time for things, usually the deadlines are not extended, but like hiun said, things happen. If you are thinking that 2 extra weeks will be enough, after 4 months, for other people to beat you, then you don’t believe in your piece as much as you are supposed to my friend.

also consider, for the developers, this community is for publishing books, and making money out of them. whicht is paying for the whole structure of the community, so it’s normal for them to give more time in this extra interesting topic - for other artists to finish their illustrations. simply they want to print more images, make more money, and promote more up-and-coming artists and art. If the community doesnt make money, we won’t be making anything here either…

I’m personally happy to see that the people that have supported me all the way, now have more time to detail/finish their own images as they’d like to. because i know how that goes: once the challenge ends, most of the unfinished pieces will be lost in shelves for not to be finished/explored forever… I’d rather see more good art in life, than getting angry over winning a challenge…

Best of luck with your entry…