Final Fantasy XV - Gameplay footage looks fun


Looking a bit flashy, hope the gameplay is fun. They should copy From Software’s masterpiece, Dark Souls, when it comes to gameplay mechanics that game is second to none imo. Cautiously optimistic about this one though.


I think it is fair to say that any footage of a new FF game should be tagged as just “footage”. “Gameplay” went out the window a looooooong time agol



“A Fantasy based on Reality.”
Whose ‘reality’ we be talkin’ about?!

“All our base are belong to us.”
Ah yes-thats what they were trying to say.


I miss the old ATB from FF 7 :frowning:


Are you at least excited about this new art direction? Their last few games looked like they were designed terrorist cell style where nobody is allowed to know what the other is doing.


Well they do look like terrorist cells… I mean as far as black clad Kei J-pop bands can possibly look like terrorist cells.

That’s some distance away from the full-on Blue Hawaii big-hair-band look they used to sport.


I actually found that design style hysterical in the last game where the characters were supposedly poor people arising from oppression, but their clothes looked really bright and cheerful.


That and the fact that even in motion… the whole presentation was a plethora of winks, toothy grins, and victory finger signs while they go “hi hi hi”.


I loved Crisis Core and Dissidia, so this is an awesome change!


I hope they improve on the gameplay.

For the last couple weeks, here’s how I usually go to bed.
I get into bed, turn on FFXIII and I play for a bit.
Less than 5 minutes later, I am fast asleep, often with the tv set still on.
FFXIII - THE greatest cure for insomnia.


I much preferred the cutesy and over the top style they had going on back with FFVII, coupled with heavy and often violent story themes and dystopian cyberpunk worlds and actual character development throughout was just an incredibly fresh shock to the system and a great way to stay engaged.

They’ve shifted towards realism, but unfortunately and somewhat ironically it’s a dull sterile form of realism designed not to offend, and consequently not to emote nor engage, something at which is succeeds at in spadefuls. So it’s actually become less edgy by becoming more “realistic” in some weird compensation pact.

The newer designs from 8 on are really like Daz made a videogame. They’re ridiculously generic or busy to the point that they lose coherence and you end up hating just about every character as being inane, annoying, histrionic or boring. The last marginally interesting or even slightly palatable characters in the final fantasy universe were the super queeny guy with his playboy bunny girlfriend that sounded like Bjork a few games ago, pretty much everyone else you wanted to punch in the face and hoped that they would die before the end. It’s like they’ve gone from a single (or couple) of designers to boardroom committee designed products, and the games have gone from being more complex character driven stories filled with easter eggs to very basic single goal plotlines and pure grinding mechanics.

Still having said all of that there’s always hope that the gameplay is really fun and fluid in this one, although it’ll have a hard time matching the very high bar set by God of War or Batman.


Yes, a thousand times yes. I love that game and really felt like it was the best representation of how a zombie apocalypse would be if you were trying to survive in that world. Shame it got such polarizing reviews.


I agree here. For some reason its like they won’t even consider changing the design anymore. It has to be Nomura’s heavy handed, mediocre character designs with nonsense hair and accessories. Without Sakaguchi at the helm FF is just lost. It lost it’s heart, the stories are no longer interesting and the sense of fun is not there.

I liked FF12 (the one with the playboy bunny sidekick :D). I liked it because even though the story wasn’t all that engaging, the world was so interesting and the creatures were truly phenomenal in that game. There was a lot to do, and a lot to see. FF7 I liked because it brought a level of maturity to the game that was hinted at in prior releases but could only be realized with more powerful hardware. My fave is still FF9. It married the best of FF7 and the best of the prior FF’s. All the magic and fun of the series culminated in that game. It was Sakaguchi’s swan song before he got ousted from the company (for spending too much money on Final Fantasy The Spirits Within).

Every FF game released was alway a must buy for me. After FF13 that is no longer the case. I don’t think I would even bother playing the demo at this point.


I just don’t understand what happened with their writing since 7, it’s like they’re trying so hard to appeal to cosplayers that they don’t bother writing back stories for any characters, ro at least back stories that have something to do with how the characters interact in the present day. A good example is the annoying girl with the Australian accent from XIII. The whole time I played I kept thinking wow some tween girl in Japan is going crazy for this.


Except it didn’t work:

Note that it mentioned “Disillusionment with Final Fantasy XIII” as a factor in driving down franchise interest.

If it were up to me… they should just change Artists and Art Directors.
In particular… for this gig? I’d look for William Wu.


I’m over and done with Final Fantasy and it’s all thanks to 13. I stopped loving the series after 9, even though 6 remains my favorite. The series is just not fun anymore. Pretty to look at, but not fun. The new “realistic” setting and combat system look uninspired. This time around, it’s the used game bin for me. Definitely not a Day 1 purchase for me anymore.

At this point, I’d be happier if they put the series on hold for a while and maybe tried resurrecting the SaGa series in earnest. I really loved the GB entries and the PSX Frontier one. THOSE games were fun. FF? Not so much anymore. Even Mystic Quest was better than 13. How’s that for an insult? :slight_smile:


I loved FFX, but it seems to me that games in general just haven’t been fun for years. This new Final Fantasy, with the more realistic look and combat style just seems to be following the trend. Rather than doing their own thing, they are trying to be more like everyone else.


I’m in the minority that thinks that games are far better than they’ve ever been in several categories. Sports games for one blow old sports games away if you want actual gameplay depth. The 2k basketball series is exceptional. MLB: The Show is as well, and the route where you take an individual player though an entire career (Road to the show) is great fun. Ratchet and Clank is fun. Little Big Planet is fun. Bioshock is fun (I personally think the writing is overrated but that’s another topic). Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty was fun. Uncharted is the best adventure series ever made. Infamous is the best superhero series ever made. And that’s just my PS3 list, I’m sure Xbox players have other lists.

And frankly a lot of the old games we talk about with nostalgia were more frustrating than fun. Metroid (NES) for example is my favorite game but if I could have afforded it as a kid I would have broken the controller 100 times trying to beat it.


I thought I was done with action and stealth games until “Splinter Cell: Conviction” came around.

That massive redesign of that series came at just the right time for me.


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