Final Fantasy XV - Gameplay footage looks fun


Looks like they’ve abandoned turned-based fighting, but the animations look a lot more fun than the last few games and the character designed seems toned down a little bit while still being Square-looking. This might get me back into the series (Hated XIII).


Well the new design language (visual and gameplay) seems to inspire more similarities to Capcom games like DMC and Bayonetta…

I mean it looks about as fun as DMC and Bayonetta were.

It’s so odd that when many Japanese developers try to think out-of-the-box what they really end up doing is using mechanics and visual elements from something else that already exists.

Not saying that’s good or bad. It’s just an observation.

Just look at Capcom. I love Resident Evil 4 and 5. And I think I’ll like 6 and Revelations… but even I had to chuckle when in one of the trailers they explain that “For the first time ever, you can now move with your weapon drawn out and shoot while walking!”

I mean… that’s “out-of-the-box” for them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, I do agree this is at least some progress at steering away from Final Fantasy’s creative rut.

I imagine those short animations where you give each other high fives or interrupt each other from being stomped upon are some kind of new “social” mechanic.

Or maybe I’m giving them too much benefit of the doubt?


I guess I’m in that camp that just doesn’t understand where RE is going. RE 2 is one of my favorite 5 or so games ever so I just don’t get what they’re doing since then. RE 5 has zero ammo scarcity for example, there’s just no suspense or difficulty in beating the games.

I think they’re just trying to make FF less of a labor, whether they solved the ridiculously linear story of the last couple games or the impossibly bad writing remains to be seen, but after swearing off the entire series it says a lot that they’re making it LOOK fun again. I’ll have to read up to see if they brought in new leads on this one.


Well as it is with Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, Resident Evil was never meant to be understood I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

It basically lands in that category of “Hollywood Film Homage by Japan”. Just like MGS and the vastly underrated “Disaster: Day of Crisis”… Resident Evil, to me, was always about Japan doing their own bit to make as many moment-based allusions to big Western blockbusters - even at the expense of larger context.

It’s like when you see all those Japanese singers who go attend Jon Bon Jovi sing-alike events and they do their darndest to look and sound like Bon Jovi (but end up looking like Final Fantasy characters instead).

It’s this dynamic that’s in there… And as for gameplay, I did try playing Code Veronica some time back… felt it wasn’t fun operating a “person with tank controls”. RE4 improved on that in my book… and the guns got bigger… and in Part 5 you’re right… there’s no shortage of ammo and the thing became even more like a big action film - which is exactly what I wanted from it in the first place.

Everytime I load up my save game for the final battle with Albert Wesker I just laugh at my arsenal. You have enough guns by the end to start two world wars!

So I’m kinda like the “New Age RE fan” that Capcom was courting with the changes. :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of people hated the ammo scarcity in RE2. Why they would listen to those people, considering their success is another story. Personally, I like RE1 and RE2 best, when it was a survival horror game and not an action shooter. After that I moved on to Silent Hill. I also like Metal gear 1 and 2, though they were too damn hard, and felt the rest became more shooter than espionage.

Then again, I hate shooters, especially FPS, and will never play one again, so, considering their popularity, there is absolutely no reason game companies should listen to me as a fan.


Person with tank controls made me actually laugh out loud. MGS is my favorite game series and I like it in all forms until the last one. Even the PSP games were good. Not sure what Hideo is doing anymore but agree about the interpretations, it’s as if Japanese game makers get in this mode where their products are more like a Fellini dream sequence than an actual linear story.


I didn’t know ammo scarcity was that unpopular among players. I like a good FPS game, but would love to see gaming companies do more stuff like The Last of Us, which I just finished and thought was outstanding.


Really? I was super excited about this title as the thing which might get me back into games, and then I saw an extensive feature on the game, probably at Game Trailers dot com, and learned that it was a zombie shooter. That really killed my enthusiasm. The early stuff, which showed a lot more sneaking around, and dealing with, or hiding from, other real people looked like something I really want to get into.


I like zombie shooters a lot, but about half the game is hiding from humans and I enjoyed some of the AI. There’s a listening mode where you can spot opponents, but if you play the game on hard that part is removed and the sneaking is way more challenging. Also crafting weapons and healing kits from found items is a lot of fun.


I’m liking The Last Of Us but still think the most genius Zombie game out there is “ZombiU” which includes you being able to look at scores for your Ex-Survivors-Turned-Zombies… and the ability to pick up items from any Ex-Survivor…to balance against scarcity.

The Last Of Us, one has to give Naughty Dog more credit… you see there’s this little girl in there, who looked like Ellen Paige… and she’s supposed to be this girl you care about.

If anything, that’s how many of these action games try to differentiate themselves, like Activision’s Call of Duty:Ghosts… Except, instead of a girl it’s this DOG that YOU CARE ABOUT. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried FF XII but gave it up after about an hour. I coulnt get into the combat system where you make choices and then the game playes it out like a roulette machine. Does XV use the same gameplay?

The graphics in the clip are amazing as usual with FF. Even though the style is cliche no one does it better. 10 out of 10 for design and visuals.


Turn based combat is eliminated for this one, they’re going with some more akin to an action RPG in this one if anything. A lot of FF fans seem to be complaining about it but the system wasn’t that mind blowing to begin with.


Looking a bit flashy, hope the gameplay is fun. They should copy From Software’s masterpiece, Dark Souls, when it comes to gameplay mechanics that game is second to none imo. Cautiously optimistic about this one though.


I think it is fair to say that any footage of a new FF game should be tagged as just “footage”. “Gameplay” went out the window a looooooong time agol



“A Fantasy based on Reality.”
Whose ‘reality’ we be talkin’ about?!

“All our base are belong to us.”
Ah yes-thats what they were trying to say.


I miss the old ATB from FF 7 :frowning:


Are you at least excited about this new art direction? Their last few games looked like they were designed terrorist cell style where nobody is allowed to know what the other is doing.


Well they do look like terrorist cells… I mean as far as black clad Kei J-pop bands can possibly look like terrorist cells.

That’s some distance away from the full-on Blue Hawaii big-hair-band look they used to sport.


I actually found that design style hysterical in the last game where the characters were supposedly poor people arising from oppression, but their clothes looked really bright and cheerful.


That and the fact that even in motion… the whole presentation was a plethora of winks, toothy grins, and victory finger signs while they go “hi hi hi”.