Final Fantasy VI Animation Project


I just got to install php and get and setup the database. Shouldn’t take more than an hour. Been roughing out a leg, and here it is.


that’s a pretty nice leg! cant wait to see more!


any thing happening, mycodesoft?


10 seconds intro.


that’s looking pretty slick. can’t wait to see more of the city!


Hey teknotek, you think you could help me design the city? :slight_smile:


hmm. never done that before, but i sure wouldn’t mind giving it a try! as far as how soon, i probably wont be available until august. so maybe next week i’ll start. let me know some specifics of instructions. :smiley:


I was thinking of a top down overlay, and maybe some perspective shots.:bounce:


Sorry for the wait, I had a large assignment to do. Anyway, here it is. It should loop well. :slight_smile:
I love that 10 sec. flash intro thing, I can’t wait to see more!

It’s an arrangement of “Tina’s/Terra’s Theme” (By Nobuo Uematsu) from FF6.



hey, all this stuff looks (and sounds) pretty good so far. I’m curious what kind of style you guys are heading with this? Are you going to try for a Square Enix look from recent FMV sequences in the games? Or is it going to be more styleized in a sence?



Great job, ChrisBG! sounds really good.

i think i can speak for the rest of the team when i say this, but i think we need a lot more help. this thread would be updated more often if we had some more people contributing to this project. i think it’s obvious to say that it has a lot of potential, so i hope some more of you CGTalk’ers can help us out!


It’d be cool to help, especially since This was my favorite FF game. The only problem for me is time. I don’t get much after my job then working on my own projects. If I can do something to help I’ll let you know.



Sorry for the lack of updates. Still working on a celes chere. I’ll post something when I get something decent.


We’re looking for character modelers. Not sure how distrubute the files, but if you wish to dedicate yoursself to the project, you can model one of the characters redesigned by teknotek.


Sounds like an interesting project.
I’m sort of a character modeler (well, I’m better that it than I am at enviroment modeling); if you need someone to help in that, I might be able to do a few characters for you.

I do have a few questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. What software are you using/requiring others for the modeling and animation? (think you said Lightwave at one point, which I do use)
    2… How many characters are you planning to have appear? (6 or more?)


I’m using Lightwave. We may have a animator joining using Maya.

As for characters, as many as we can make.


mmm, not so sure you want my skils (or lack there of) for modeling. I’m more of an animator really. I might be able to help with some little things here and there when it comes to animation. Or I could model a box for you, but then that’s not the most difficult task is it.
Have you given any thought about any 2d post work (ie combustion, after effects, ect), I hope you’re not planning on rendering everything out in one pass. Then again, that’s probably a little ways off right now. A “cross that bridge when we come to it” thing?



Do you have anybody doing either Terra or Sabin yet?
I have a FF6 book; not really an art book, more of a strategy guide, but it’s got a ton of Anno’s artwork from the game that I could use as reference.


I’m making Celes. I was thinking of using the same body for Celes and Terra. I’ll post some screengrabs a little later.


Sorry, still detailing and adding bends to joint areas. Most likely will be redoing the fingers. Still got to paint weights on the toes and such.