Final Fantasy VI Animation Project


please excuse the anatomical incorrections, i was working on this up till 5am. all the corrections you suggested, I am fine with, except for the thickening of the arms. i hope this character isn’t turned into a Ryu Hayabasu (ninja gaiden) or a character that has the anatomy of wrestler. i strongly believe that his arms witdth should remain the same (length, is totally fine). all ninja are known to be agile and strong at the same time. having a character with large arms will actually make them less agile. I think giving shadow the anatomy similar to spider-man would be more suitable. but since you are the leader, it’s really up to you. i’m just trying to put up a convincing statement. :slight_smile:

for any anatomical corrections you do make on the 3d model, you can adjust via the software. sorry, but i don’t intend on revisiting this drawing anytime soon (as much as i enjoyed it) :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah! it wasn’t a feather on his head, it’s actually a horn! (check attachment!)

i will put up details of certain areas soon. next character i'll work on is locke. :D


Sorry, my post wasn’t meant to sound negative. What I meant was the proportions of the body, and not the physical fitness of the character. Currently in the front view, his upper arm is shorter than his forearm. Try curling your arm and you’ll see the problem with the placement of the elbow. Arms and legs usually taper from the shoulder to the wrist, thigh to the ankle, and don’t run parallel from top to bottom. Hope I’m being clear.


oh, ok. i think i understand. i was just worried that he was going to look buffed up, when he should just be cut (like bruce lee). :smiley:


Nice work. :slight_smile: I’ll be posting that theme for the flash intro shortly, sorry for the delay.



Sorry, for the lack of replies. I got disconneted for a couple days, and switched to a faster connection. It might take a day or two to get everything back online. Loads of work to do. Be back later.


Here’s a preview of the runic blade I’m woking on.


who or what is the runic blade for…?


Celes Chere carries it.


then in that case…cool! :smiley: glad to see the 3d side doing some work!
are you also working on celes right now?


Ya, I’m leaning towards a more realistic tone. I’m not really sure how to model the head going by the Amano’s style, There’s almost no definition on the face, mouth and ear, and no way can I make the characters talk, there’s no place for the gums and teeth.


what software are you guys primarily working in? i work in maya if you need a character modeller you can count me in, textures and other stuff are not really my specialty but if you want a straight model and you guys are working in maya give me a pm and assign me a character and i’ll get to work.

#52 ( copy and paste ).

For the flash Intro. I am still working on it, but that’s the basic idea. It is an arrangement of “terra’s theme” from Final Fantasy VI.



awesome work, ChrisBG. i think my only critique is that the very first note is extremely raw. but nonetheless, it all sounds excellent and i want to hear more asap!! :smiley:

here’s a quick study i did with brush pen and some altercations on ps7. it’s of locke.


Hi, gunslinger. We’re a bit disorganized right now, but I’m using own copy of Lightwave to model. I’m working on modelling Celes Chere, and working on the website. Teknotek is working on 2d concepts, and ChrisBG is working on music. Contact teknotek83 if you want to model his concepts, or feel free to model any another character, minus, Shadow, Celes, and Locke based on Amano’s paintings.


Good stuff. Can you change it to a mp3 format and make it loopable? You’ll have to cut out the delay at the beginning.


wow this project looks really awsome, I cant wait to see how it turns out! keep up the good work guys things look great so far:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


How are your progress guys. I’ve got the body half way done. Having a bit of trouble with the design of the hilt, or more of lack of design. What do you think the hilt should look like?


teknoke83: The locke sketch is a little fuzzy. I think there is a little too much contrast. Having a little hard time reading it, but the porportions look good.


yeah, it wasdone with a brush and i scanned it in as black and white :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ll be working more on his design this weekend
are you planning on posting any wips for your celeste model? i’m sure we’d all like to see!

good luck everyone!


here’s another locke doodle

i really dont like how the left arm came out, but oh well…

i’ve also attached a really quick paint over.

let me know what you all think.

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