Final Fantasy VI Animation Project


I’m learning flash at the moment, and did some server reconfiguration. Be back tommorrow. Looking forward to hear some words from you guys. :slight_smile:


You said you wanted music for that flash logo. A few things:

  1. Any specific details? (original, arrangement etc…?)
  2. Do you want it to go on for a short tune, or something that will go on for a bit after the logo has been displayed?




Something simliar to the famous Fanal Fantasy prelude. Prehaps an arrangement of it. 30-45 seconds and loopable would be great.



Cool. I did an arrangement of another prelude-type song from FF6, you can choose to use it, or I will do the other prelude/an original with a similar style. Let me know, it’s in your PM inbox.



just wanted to let you all know that this afternoon i’m going to start a concept design for shadow. hope that’s ok! i’ll post up some images later tonight


just wanted to get an OK or some suggestions before i go to the character sheets. :slight_smile:


That is sweet!

Few suggestions:

The head and torso could be a little bigger.

Boots should be pointy, not curled.

Right now his forearm looks bigger than his upper arm, upper arm should be bigger, and prehaps broader shoulders.

But, that is sweet! Can’t wait for the character sheets.

edit: forgot to throw a few smiles in there. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Been a long night.


I just want to mention, have some confidence in your own work.

If there’s a major problem, trust me, I WILL TELL YOU. :slight_smile: Otherwise it’s norminal.


I just had to say that the sketch of shadow totally rocks:buttrock:

its Great


i’ll be sure to do my best to implement those adjustments into my character sheets (expect it sometime this weekend. i got lots of hw :frowning: )

just to kind of explain the redesign (because i’m bored), i really wanted to work with the name “shadow”. first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word “shadow” is slihouette. so i wanted to give shadow a unique silhouette. that’s the reason why i gave him armor on his shoulders and some spikey things on his elbows and knees. :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments. please give me more, cause i want to make this look gooooooood!!

ps- am i suppose to do the coloring as well, or do we have a colorist/volunteer?


Pencils is okay, and you don’t have to clean up of the background pencil marks as well. We don’t have a colorist yet. Always looking for more designers.



Consider using MGS’s ninja for reference as well. Right now his left thigh and ankle seem to be bent oddly.


dont worry, that’s not usually how i handle anatomy. i just did it like that because i was looking at some amano work and his characters are very curvy. i know shinkawa’s work pretty well. so i’ll see what i can come up with. i just want to make sure the design’s ok. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I meant his leg seem to be facing to the viewer, instead of to the right. I did a slight overpaint. Added a couple of katanas to him, he always had a couple (or few hundreds) swords when he was in my party.:slight_smile:



i think you made his right arm too bulky. from what i’ve seen in amano’s art, he seems more slender. but i’ll try to compromise and see what i can come up with. i’ll defintetely add more swords. this was just a rough concept.

is another way of communicating with you other than PM and this thread?


I suggested we make a forum so all the developers can chat together…it’s a great way of organizing things over the internet. mycodesoft said he’d set one up, so it should be coming soon. But yeah, mycodesoft - do you have an instant messenger? It might be a good idea to get one.



I think you’re right. Amano does make slenderer bodies. Working on setting up a forum, but I got a few other things tied up at the moment. I’ll get on it as soon as I can.


Sorry, forgot to reply. I have messenger but I don’t use it because it takes too much time from work. Forum, should be up later this week. Got a few hing tied up. Sorry.


i suck at adjusting the contrast and brightness on my scans, so please bare with me :slight_smile:

…and of course, i have higher res sheets for the modelling process


Nice job Robin. I’ll start modeling once I have some free time or you can let others take on the role. It’s up to you.

Some minor crits, I would make the upper arms longer and thicker, and extend the torso area around his crotch. His calves should be narrower than his thighs.

Sorry for the quick response. If I have time I’ll do a paint over. Very nice design overall, and I like the shading you’ve done.