Final Fantasy VI Animation Project


Looking for animators, modelers, and texture artists to recreate scenes from Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VI game. Post here to sign up.


Positions currently

2d Character Sheet Artists
2d Model Sheet Artists
2d Scene Concept Artists
2d Background Painters
2d Compositor
2d Scene Concept Artists
3d Character Modelers - gurubvin, mycodesoft
3d Scene Modelers - mycodesoft
Texture Artists - eurynome
Web page Designer
3d Animators
Musicians - ChrisBG
Others - solarundies, mb27

Positions needed

2d Character Sheet Artists
2d Model Sheet Artists
2d Scene Concept Artists
2d Background Painters
3d Scene Modelers
2d/3d Texture Artists
Web page Designer
2d Compositor
3d Animators


so what’s this final fantasy project? a short anim? what style are you going for?
i just finished school, so i could use something to motivate me, and a project could do just that… yess… :bounce:


seems interesting… havent actually played ff6 so ive no idea what the screen is all about or look like …anyway can we download the scene without playing the whole game? heh~ just dont have that much time anymore :sad:

-anyway will keep my eye on this thread


I was thinking of doing something similar to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I’ll post some more information once the gameart challenge is over.


I’d be willing to take a break from freelance work to help you out with the texturing. My AIM is punchdrunk16, and email is



I’m interested
Shoot me an email


i’m interested…but you gotta know that i’m a newb…if you shun me…i understand…after all…you DO need some experienced people to make this project a success


i might be able to help. i’m taking up a couple of personal projects now, but maybe i’ll be able to drop a model or two. i prolly cant/ wont contribute much to the design process… cuz i think i’m gonna be rather bz, but if u give me some model sheets/ blue prints for characters, i should be able to model them for u.

email me if ur interested @



You’re not looking for anyone to help out with music are you? (or maybe helping to co-direct the scenes…) You may want to keep Uematsu’s music (which I am a huge fan of :D), but I can do originals and arrangements. Reply back or PM me if you’re interested. I’d love to help in any way I can.



Wow. Thanks for posting people. I didn’t think so many people would be interested.

Drexster: The style will be very close to Amano 's work.
passover: Hopefully, the story board will be on its way.
eurynome: Will be making a webpage soon. More info on the way.
mb27: I’ll keep you updated as best as I can.
solarundies: If you can scour for more source art, that’ll be great.
gurubvin: Right now, I’m short on scene and props modelers. If you can do mechanical details. It would be a great asset.
ChrisBG: I was thinking of using the Grand Finale CD, but if you have any intestests in composing you can send samples to my gmail account.


Hey, mycodesoft. I sent a PM to you over cgtalk, with a small sample (I had one uploaded), and some other comments/questions. :slight_smile:



Wow! That’s a lot better than I imagined. If you don’t mind me asking, I can use a tune for the project webpage I’m about to put up. As for directing, I don’t want to raise peoples’ hopes prematurely, because that’s still a long way to go, and there’s always the question if the project will make it to the finish line. The way I’m planning this is, everyone involved will at least have something to show before completion. The more progress we make, the more pieces everyone will have, and even if the project doesn’t get completed, people can still add it to their portfolio, demo reel, etc. So no time is left wasted. If you’re still kicking around that time, then the consider the position yours. :smiley:


Wow! That’s a lot better than I imagined. If you don’t mind me asking, I can use a tune for the project webpage I’m about to put up.

Sure, I’d be happy to do a tune for the website. Just let me know the details and I’ll get right on it! By the way, my email address is - just let me know what you need, and when, and I’m all for it.



Page up now. Thanks 10x ChrisBG. :thumbsup:


hey mycodesoft. i’d love to help out with the 2d aspect of this project. i’ve tried adapting/researching amano’s work before so i have some experience. so just that i know exactly what you’re looking for-you want the FF6 characters to be redesigned (costume-wise) but to retain the amano-esque style? also, do you want the characters to have aged? how much freedom do we have as far as redesigning the characters go? and which characters are you planning on using? i’d love to do shadow or locke or setzer!!!


Thanks for join up teknotek83. Currently I’m giving everyone as much freedom as they like, because there’s always the question if the project will get done. This way even if the member leaves, their time will not be wasted. However, characters should still be easily recognizable. Any changes will probably be near the end of the project, but be as professional as possible, as work and progress put in will be shown on the website with full credit given to the respecting artist.


Hope you don’t mind, I’d just like to say I think we should keep as close to the FF6 characters as possible, which means it’d be a great idea for the artists to study up on the FF6 style as much as possible. If we’re re-doing scenes from a square game, I think we should keep the graphic styles similar to squares style, maybe even go for something like what they’ve done with advent children. But thats just my opinion. :slight_smile:



Hey Chris. I agree the style should be close to FF6 style, but Amano’s work can be hard to put into 3d without being overtly disproportionate. I’m guessing changes will be made regardless, so I’m giving the 2d concpet artists as much freedom as possible. I hope that makes sense and no one takes offense to anything.


Gotchya. By the way, do you think we should set up a small forum so all the developers can communicate with each other? It’s what I usually do for my projects, a great way of communicating with everyone. You can set up an invision board/phpbb/whatever in a relatively short space of time. (like…10 minutes). Anyway, just another idea. :stuck_out_tongue:



Will do! :thumbsup: