Final Fantasy Style Girl


I had the itch to model something low poly again, and the next games comp seems to be in limbo, so im making a start on this lass!
Im modeling it in Max and i’m in the process of re-learning it (after not using it for about 6 years!) for a new job ive recently landed, so my progress might be a bit slow. Bear with me! I will try my hardest to do it justice!
The design was by myself, but greatly improved and expertly illustrated by my mate Richard Jordan, so big him up proper!

Rich’s Character design WIP thread


a bit leaner if FF style. I would also make those legs longer. FF girls about about exaggerated proportions.


I love the character style… There’s going to be some sweet detail to texture in there

The head seems to be coming along quite nicely…

What polycount are you aiming for?


Not quite sure yet.
Maybe around 5-6000 with 2 512 maps. The models for the real-time cutscenes in FF-X2 were pretty high poly - im kinda aiming for that level of detail.

Ill have to refer to Your Ashley model’s wires for inspiration!

This is more of a package learning excercise than anything else, but ive been meaning to model her for ages after I was inspired by the designs in FF-X2

Should have another update in a few hours.


Originally posted by Andy H
Ill have to refer to Your Ashley model’s wires for inspiration!


Thanks blushes some more… don’t follow what I did too closely as there are a few odd areas on that model :wink:

That count sounds quite decent…


A few hours later…

A lot more work to do…



Any tips and pointers would be useful - is it worth modeling the metal collar thing around her shoulders? how can I get the cloth drape around the breasts? you cant extrude edges to make polys with no thickness can you?
The asymmetry should prove awkward…


Damn Andy you are moving at quite a pace. Coming along quite nicely as well.

At the moment the only thing that seems to bug me a bit is the inner calf. It seems a bit flat and seems to bend in rather than outwards.


Looking real nice. I like the design of the character, feels like a mix between FFX (+X-2) and FFXII. I’ve loved Akihiko Yashida’s designs ever since Vagrant Story.

So far the eyes look a little bulgy, and yeah the inner calf thing.

I’d probably try to model those circular things on her shoulders and back, other then that most of it can be accomplished with texture work.

You can extrude edges, by using shift drag, it’ll just creat an extra poly that way (make sure it’s an edge that doesn’t share more then one polygons). If that’s what you mean anyway.


Thanks for the comments.

As for the shift extrude thingy, that was what i was thinking, but it wont let me do it on a non-boundary edge. I tried making a poly and welding it - nothing, i tried extruding the edge and reducing the base width to 0, and it just makes a mess of the geometry and smoothing groups. From my knowledge of maya and lightwave, it wont let you have a single poly extruding from an edge either.
I just cant think of a way to do the 2 pieces of cloth draping over the breasts and going down the trouser legs. Im at a loose end! Having it as a texture would be ok i guess, but i dont want it to look like its glued on the body, but flowing over it.

The asymmetry on the legs and arms is gonna make my life harder too :’(

Should have yet another update soon - ive improved her form in the side view a lot (thanks to some reference)


Another Update:

Ive improved the profile a lot, and fine tuned the legs and general form.
Im just concentrating on getting the proportions and form correct before i begin doing the details, as i will have to turn symmetry off and work on the 2 halves seporately.


head looks a bit big for the body. Unless you wanna make arms and legs longer, it would probably easier to just shrink head a little.


the legs look much better now…


it’s bugging me that the face isn’t realistic in consistency with the recent final fantasy games, but that’s just a style issue. I usually don’t like cartoony stuff. I’m looking forward seeing to the end product.


A little more…

I think ill set myself a limit of around 5500 polys. Shes only about 3000 tri’s at the mo, so I decided to model the collar thingy - it will be much easier to UV too. There are still a lot of areas that i can optimise, but ill leave it til i get the whole thing built.


Is everyone ok with the proportions? I have dbouts about a few areas…


i think it’s looking ok. two areas that might need some tweaking though. her legs look a little on the stocky side. but it seems that they were in the concept too. maybe if you made them just a tad bit longer. also… um… well it might be proportionate but as a matter of personal preference, i’d give her a bit more ass. it’s quite a bit on the flat side. but other than that it’s coming along quite nicely


hmmm… which style are you goin for? SD like ff9? or more realistic like X and X2? imho, she looks like neither. and that’s whats bothering me. I would prefer a slightly more realistic approach, make the head smaller and upsize her bod a bit. make the eys a bit smaller and taper the chin more. Just my personal preference.

Then again, if you wanna go SD, I’d say make the bod just a lil smaller with emphasis on hands and legs in terms of size and make her boobs/torso/chest smaller.


Shes meant to be more realistic like ff8 and ff10 / 10x2.
The proportions are directly sized based on the sketch, which looks ok, but in 3d it looks a little odd. Ill take what you said on board and give it a tweak later on.


dag on those are some saggy grandma tits. they are low in the concept, its just that those ribbon bra things draw the eye upwards so it doesnt look off. i would take them up a bit, , or unsquish them. not suggesting giant hooo has, but they are definately unsettling as is.

keep it up mate.