Filter help - Add Title


Hi All,

I’m looking for a filter/plugin that will allow me to add a title area to a rendered image. I am looking to add pre-set info, like render settings, frame no. title etc.

I have seen a few images with such titles, but I’m not sure if these are added by an image editor, or post render.

Any help would be great




Time STamp Render Effect is another, but still max3…


Thanks Eric,

I have looked at both of those but unfortunately they are not what I’m looking for.

I have seen a lot of images (especially those rendered with Brazil Beta etc.) that had a ‘footer’ about 100 pixels or so, which was nicely laid out.

As I said in the first post, I’m still not sure if this in done in a seperate app (Photoshop) or at render time. An example is:

I hope someone can help…



Almost always done in a separate app. (certainly in that example) except sometimes timecode is rendered with a sequence, but even then usually it is composited on top after rendering, because usually renders are done in separate passes for efficiency and adjustability, and you don’t want to have to re-render the whole scene just because one element of the scene (a single pass) is wrong.


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