Filmworks Fx looking for VFX Coordinator - NYC


Filmworks/FX NY is currently looking for a VFX Coordinator with 2-3 years of experience. Job Requirements are as follows:

Create and organize Schedules and Calendars for multiple Projects

Dates for Ingest, Review, and Delivery

Artist availability schedules

Emailing with clients

Receiving notes, schedules, and being an overall contact for clients

Ingest and Delivery of Footage

Unload and Load hard drives to and from our server

Make sure Drives match VFX Lists

Organizing shot status

Keeping an eye on the status of shots and the Artists working on them in conjunction with Delivery Status

Organizing Status on spreadsheets and/or Shot Tracking Software (Shotgun etc.)

Communication between Offices

Sharing Assets and communicating with the LA office to increase efficiency in our pipeline

Keeping track of Timesheets with HR

Sending Hourly timesheets of our Freelancers to Human Resources on the correct dates

Day to Day operations

Ordering food, office supplies, sending cleaning invoices, arranging services (internet, phone, IT, etc)

Please email with a resume if interested.