Film Festival Opening


A few co-workers and I got approached about a month ago to create an opening, and end sequence, for a small film festival here in San Francisco. The project was pro bono, so we didnt have much time to execute our designers concept for it. That being said, with rotating people in an out we were able to get it done in just under two weeks.

You can find it here:

Credits are as follows

Design/Concept: Lisa Mishima
Sound: Nick Dematteo
Animation: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter, Mike Landry and Neil Wrischnik



so gentle and naive.
The design is awesome.
I love the look of it, the render or effect you achieved there.


OMG that was fantastic!

I really love the concept and design.

Overall it was pretty flawless.

Well worth the free-time you put into it I’d say. :thumbsup:


that was great. those two weeks must have been nuts.
congrats on a job well done.


Thanks for the warm comments! The addition of light wrap in the comp did wonders for this as the Renders from maya were very coarse and cg looking.


i loved it, thanks for sharing.


very good taste on this.


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