Filling object with text?



I trying to fill and object or preferably cover an object in text that doesn’t overlap etc. I’m trying the object cloner with some MoText 1’s & 0’s and setting it to surface. This works great but the text overlaps and for some reason the text flips?
I’ve tried filling the object with the MoText using collision detection but then I still have this flipped text issue. Can anyone shed any light on why the text is being flipped when applied to the surface?

Or is there another way to do this?




Have you played around with the “Align Clone” and “Up Vector” parameters (see below)?

A lot of the issues revolving around flipped geometry and such have to do with the normals of the object you’re cloning onto. If ever instance of once particulat cloned object (ie - all the 1s or all the 0s) are oriented incorrectly, you can place the source geometry under a null object, and reorient the object underneath it so that it appears correctly after its been cloned.


Hi Luke,

The Align clone was the issue re. the flipped numbers, now it’s just getting them to lay on the surface of the model not overlapping each other?



Are you using R19? The “Push Apart” effector will help out with that. Otherwise, you may need to manually place the clones.


If you don’t have R18/R19 and the push apart effector, the standard approach would be to use dynamics with follow position and follow rotation enabled (this uses dynamics, but lets you mix the dynamics with starting point/animation):

  • in project settings, reduce gravity to 0
  • put your letter objects in simple proxy spheres that are set to not render
  • add rigid body tags to the proxy spheres
  • play with the follow position and follow rotation parameters to get what you want
  • play forward until the letters settle into the pattern that you want; adjust the proxy sphere size and follow parameters until you get what you want

Here’s an example file: