File Textures wont show in Viewport


Any “file” texture i add to geometry wont show up in the viewport, this is a new thing and it was working fine a few weeks ago, if i render it’s there. if i go into other scenes with “file” textures, it shows up perfectly, i know this is just a setting im supposed to swtich on, just cant think


make sure you dont have “Use Default Shader” enabled in your viewports (under Shading)


no its not selected, did i meantion i could also see materials that arent generated from a file source. such as a blue blinn material will show up fine.


which material are you using?
did you check the “hardware texturing” pull down?


are you using more that one texture ?

if the texture is big 4K for example it wont show, you might need to adjust it in the pref windows


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