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Hi everyone!

I have a max-file which has about 80MB. I was wondering, why it is so big, because there it’s really much in it. So merged the whole scene in a new file - now the size is about 6MB.

Can anyone explain me, what happend and why was the one file about 80MB and the new just about 6MB.

Really crazy.


It might not cover up 74 mB, but the scene might have had a lot of material info, presaved textures, etc in it. Just my guess :slight_smile:


Actually yes, materials can massively bloat max file sizes. On one game project we did, we had four artists working on parts of the same city. This meant a LOT of merging in of bit of it and a LOT of duplicated materials. This was the primary source of file size bloating there. It took an age to load too.

We had a bunch of scripts to optimise the materials and that really helped keep it under control. Have a look on scriptspot to see if there’s any that might help.


Dont forget there is also a bug that is documented and reported in Discreet tech support, where the file size could grow exponentialy without apparent reason, wich is mostly due to x-refs, if I recall well.

Anyway, you should look up at discreet for recent tech docs.



Yes, that’s true. But I think it only strikes if you’ve actually used xrefs. I can’t say I’ve noticed any of my scenes bloating for no reason.


hmm - i didn’t used xref.
I have about 30-40 diffrent materials.

As i already mentioned, i had merged the complete scene in a new file - let’s see if this happens again.
In the old file i’ve done a lot of modelling with a lot of objects(ceramic tiles) which i merged to one object - could this increase the file size?

I’m really curious about this.


Attaching lots of objects shouldn’t bloat the file. It does seem to increase memory usage while the file is open and not free it correctly. Might be the undo buffers that do that. Saving and reloading should clear that though and it shouldn’t affect file size.

30-40 materials isn’t a lot, but are they all massive multi-sub mats? I was talking about something like 250 multi-sub materials some of which had 250 subs in them.

Having materials in the material editor does bloat the scene, especially if they aren’t used. That might be why merging helped. I think it keeps all the textures for the sample spheres loaded or something.


I work with the file over several days - includling saving, reloading, turning PC off/on…
I have some sub-materials, but not that much.

Really strange.

I wonder just why this was happening.
Maybe its just because its MAX(there are a lot of miracles which will never be solved):slight_smile:


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