File Management/Project Management


I would like to know if there any Software which can help me out by deleting unnecessary files and folder after I complete one project.
I work in RealFlow mainly so a huge amount of space is taken by every project, unnecessary simulation data, export, other cache which I want to get rid of.
So that the project can be archived.
Looking for something like whats available in AE Consolidating Footage or like in Maya Optimize Scene. But if there is any particular software that would be most helpful.


Well, I don’t know any particular app for this, I remember Total Commander had a few tools for manipulating multiple files at once.
However this is not a very big deal to do it in python or even a bat/bash script. Maybe somebody can throw something together for you.


Thanks for the response anyway although you didn’t understand the question in first place.
I found the option. Its called Pack & Go located under File menu.
AFAIK this option is available from ReaFlow 10 onward.