file location


i have a question. how do you get shake to pickup the source for your files without having to find each file constantly. for example if i work on my project in the lab at school the hard drive might be H:. then i put every thing on my external drive and go to the other lab to use shake there. but when i load up shake i have to point all the nodes one by one to where the files are located on the external drive.

is there a way to avoid doing this. maybe there is some kind of script i could use. or is there some way i could change the location of the source within shake and that would point all nodes to the new source.

any help would be appreciated


A .shk file is just ascii text. Open it up in a text editor and do a search and replace on the file paths. If you know any shell scripting you can just write a script to do this too.


thanks for the help, i will try that out


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