FigurePrints (World of Warcraft)


A mentor/friend of mine showed me this and it’s just awesome :smiley: If your a fan or play World of Warcraft… then this is a must! FigurePrints teamed up with Blizzard to bring your in-game characters into a real life figures through 3D printing.

More info at official site,

There are some video clips on youtube about this also.


Sons-a-bitches are gonna make millions…
Brilliant! Clanks guiness bottle


I want to know how much the laptop is going to cost. If I get this new job in Jan. I AM buying one of those. I am on a 1.6 Pentium 4 so bring it.


Like Fabjectory. I’ll be curious to watch this one. Fabjectory has been around for a year or so and I think they’ve avoided WoW and other games due to potential IP issues.

{Edit: just noticed the “Licensed Blizzard Product” thing in the lower right. For me, that makes this no longer worth watching. Oh well. Hope they do well.}


dell laptop? 4.5k from what i remember with options on top.

overkill for a game that can be played well with a $2k laptop from nowadays if not less.

regardless, this is a cool idea from blizzard and theyll cash in on it for sure.


Actually, I wouldn’t mind if Blizzard would support this. They should do their own service, cause everyone would love to have HIS character as his own little action figure. I love the idea of that.

Also, it’d be great for us modelers to have some more and cheaper services that’d print out our models. I hope this stuff is changing in the coming years, I’d love to have a few prints in the studio or at home. Or discuss design based on a print that we did.


@ThomasMahler - it appears that Blizzard does support it. Not just indicated by the site artwork saying it’s licensed, but by some online reports and a Dell YouTube promotional video that includes a certificate for a “free” Figureprint with purchase of their laptop.

I agree it seems pricey. I think Fabjectory is cheaper, but they’re not licensed and seem to stick with content that won’t run into potential IP issues.

As for printing out your own models, there are plenty of service bureaus. Strip away the overhead of a Figureprint and you’ll probably find them fairly reasonable.


Nothing against this company or any other company, but I just remembered why I am not making toys or action figures anymore.

Btw, I love technology but it’s another lonely christmas for us elfs. (Less work for us toy sculptors)

Oh well.


Oh, that’s good. I didn’t even see that.

That’s good stuff. Two thumbs up!


looks cool, and i am actually surprised at how cheap they are to order. I would be broke if i had ordered one for all my characters :smiley:


its out. Any ideas on how long they will run this laptop? It looks sweet and you can have 2x video cards.


I love that you can’t even buy one, you have to enter a drawing that you will be picked from randomly to get to buy one, so you could be waiting for a year for your figure if you’re unlucky. They’re cool, I’d get one, but i’m not that into Wow anymore.


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