figure modeling advice


Hi this is my first attempt at modeling a head, I have been looking at tutorials and other threads on this site and have decided to post my effort.
I know its not that good and the models head is still in two parts but I’m not sure whether I join them now or after I have finnished the whole body.
Your help will be more than welcome>


Finish the body half first since your probably going to mirror that to. Then just connect the half of the head to the neck of the half of the body. Also helps with adjusting the neck-area during the modelling process if you haven’t joined them since you don’t have to adjust both sides at the same time.


ok. I will try and model down to the crotch.


Its good but i wouldn’t like my GF to have ears like that.



so max and maya don’t have some kind of symmetry tool???(when you edit one side it edits the other side at the same time)


Ofcourse they have, but the question was if it was time to collapse the symmetry into a solid model before continuing to work on the body. If you collapse the symmetry then you can’t automatically edit at both sides at the same time, at least to my knowledge.


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