JMART–It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. There’s some really nice stuff here with more coming in over the next couple of days I’m sure. Thanks for the comments.
I wish everyone the best.

Mihaszna–Thanks for the compliment.
I think the blue-green car color is fine. Coming from a tradition illustration background, I’m sure Yerka has Pthalo green and blue (or the equivalent) tubes of paint in his paintbox and has used them often, as I’ve seen in quite a few of the 150+ samples of his work I’ve collected from searches–in varying degrees of repro quality (mostly bad). JY does not use a specific limited palette throughout his paintings (as some artists do). He limits his palette to varying degrees per painting, ranging from saturated primary color combos (in what I think is earlier work) to almost monotone desaturated palettes, in comparison. He, quite often, restricts color range to tints and tones of a particular color when rending an object of a predominant color, limiting or avoiding the mingling of adjacent or complementary hues in those areas. This gives his work part of its charm and general sense of limited palette.


I’ll give you the price now if I’m the judge…:thumbsup: good luck.


great imagination I love the details and the colors it’s very Yerka’s

good luck;)


whoa! beautiful, mate… great artwork. :bowdown:
and i totally agree with you :thumbsup:

good luck!


Thanks for the comments guys.




This is really Great Work!
Good luck!


Thanks for the compliment.


Great work, Quadart!
I like how you made all ground with castle. field, leaves and grass.
Good luck to you!


Wow! This very good. I like how you make tree-worm. Small detail so perfect.


This is great…!!


Fantastic Work! You captured his style perfectly. :applause:


Thanks for the replies guys.


Greetings, Bill!
The challenge is over for now. You have very strong entry. Honestly I expected to see you among winners. Anyway it was a great training, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
Good luck!


What ?you even get to the winners or spetial mentions , impossible!!
well i think copy is not good sorry pal meaby next time , mebay next time you will be more original.
By the way i didnt get to the winners too , but im ok with that , what a surprise dude ! what a surprise , evry one tough that you will win , so evryboy has to analize better the work ,
i told ou but im happy the judges make justice , but , i dont get it too , why the others win and they take jerkas idea too , as just the same as yerka ,a nd didnt put some originality in their work i think this contest sucks , no originality at all !!!


I guess the judges just didn’t like me. :sad: No really, there were a lot of very nice pieces entered, yours included–which I thought was a prime candidate for a top spot. I’m sure the judges must have had a heck of time deciding on the winners among all the great entries.
It was fun and a learning experience trying to get into the head of another artist and work in that person’s well developed style. After looking at the 150 or so samples of Yerka’s work I collected, over and over again, I became a big fan of his.

I’d like to know if Jacek Yerka ever had time to see all the works done here, dedicated to his unique stylistic vision, and to know what he thinks of it all.

—to another day, another challenge. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Sergey.


Yea it sucks!!


Hey, I’ve got a great idea!

Rant on your thread.

Where’s that fly swatter!


WOW great job Bill! Awesome ideas and it’s so clean!!


Thanks so much for the compliments Magdalena.