That’s all I can say.


WOOOWW…Well it’s just perfect!!:cool:
But i think they say that we will make our own dreams and ideas
in the style of Yerka and not reproducing anything.Most people here was trying
to do this and it’s not fare.:hmm:But im not here to judge and i’m jealous of course!:stuck_out_tongue:
Best wishes man this is a masterpiece from a master like you!!:deal:


Thanks for the complement.

I think I explained my intentions in my previous post clearly enough. Maybe not.

What exactly did I reproduce? Using a common theme and reproducing a specific item are not the same thing, though I can see how some may confuse the two.

From the same simple view point as the one you and someone else adopted, I could point out that in your piece Tired Tree (the one piece of yours that is somewhat reminiscent of Yerka), the thing that makes it Yerka-esk is the fact that you used a very common subject that Yerka uses in a lot of his work, namely a tree with building structures in it. Haven’t you noticed? I see clouds morphing into recognizable things, which Yerka used in one my favorite works of his. I have no problem with that. I condone it for strategic reasons.

Unless you are doing a large body of work in the style of another artist (not just one image) I would strongly suggest using any common theme that the artist uses often in their work to stay on track with how that person works and to express what is thematically important to that person, as well as to create familiarity. In this case, I would argue that it’s not about you, it’s about trying to get into the head of the artist you are emulating. That does not mean plagiarizing the artist. Create your own original twist–as I have.

I do acknowledge that my piece is not the pinnacle of creative departure. Most of my energy, with the time allotted, was spent on stylistic similarity. This challenge was more of a personal project with a specific technical goal in mind then trying to win a creativity contest. I’ll address that in another challenge.

– There are some that confuse originality with being different for difference sake. Unfortunately generic surrealism attracts many people who tend to mistake creativity for chaos, and the neglect of basic artistic principles.


Great work, love it. Very much in JY’s style. My only crit is perhaps the blue is too vivid but having said that it does provide a good focus :thumbsup: Best so far!

(although next time you’d do better to listen to real experts like smiljan66 - NOT! :D)


Really a nice one! Very creative…and dont reply to peaople like smiljan66 ! They should be ignored.


Yeah, the blue is a stretch, but I wanted an odd paint color and that blue-green, for me, is the signature color of the 1950s. I think my crib was that color [joke]. :cry: I actually based the color scheme of the entire piece around that color choice.

This contest is very interesting on many levels. :surprised


You’re right.
Apparently I still have some growing up to do too. :smiley:


I think you’ve done an amazing job at capturing the spirit of Yerka’s work here. Aside from having a great composition and interesting surreal elements, your attention detail is what really made this one stand out to me… it’s a beautiful piece!


I understood you in the first place.:slight_smile:
Reproducing it’s not the trees,buildings or clouds with fanny shapes somebody will make, because there are not elements that only Yerka make.
Reproducing in my opinion is structures and artistic ideas that remaineds or is similar to Yerka’s .The car like croco ,the smoke turn into trees ,
bird with a clockhead and machine in the back that is hafe alive.These are 100% Yerka(Maybe that’s the point!)
You’ve done it as a strategy you said ,respected.Me too!
You were right this challenge is mostly technical than conceptual.You are 100% for me in the technic :bowdown:and i think this is that matters the most in this competition.I said those thinks before with good intensions just for fareness(If this word exist,lol!).
I’ll glade to see you in the winners.Cheers!:beer:

p.s. Sorry for my english.


Uh, Smigin… maybe you need to read the NVArt “Surreal: In the Style of Jacek Yerka” contest INTRODUCTION and INSPIRATION & TECHNICAL GUIDE once again. I think you have it completely assbackward. The object is to attempt a Jacek Yerka work… to make an image that Jacek would possibly make. Yes… you should use some imagination… but you should also take from Yerka’s style. You do know he uses many of his themes over and over. Try to incorporate some of them… when you make a tree, make a Yerka tree… when you make a cloud, make a Yerka cloud, when you choose a color, choose a Yerka color. Get it?

…and lighten up, dude.


interesting work with great details and sence of humour :thumbsup:


not very original but very well executed :thumbsup:


This is a really charged thread, but what is great art without a little controversy? I would believe that Yerka, himself painted this! Since the challenge was to paint in someone else’s style, you have achieved this brilliantly!

Congratulations! :bowdown:


Great work! Really like the concept, color combination and also the details of the car.
Wish you all the best!!


me too.Great Work!.


Yes, technically very good but I must agree with smilijan66.


Thanks for the continued feedback everyone, and I do mean everyone. :wink:

DodgeOrBURN–Thanks for the comments. Yes, this thread got a little warm around the edges. Another thing I like about this site is the wide spectrum of folks, from amateurs to pros, posting their work and opinions in this great pool. As far as the originality controversy goes, I suppose if I, instead, put a tortoise shell on the bug-gators back and made the tree canopy morph into a serpent gliding through the air turning back to grab the unwitting bird-thing, with a purple mohawked tarsier’s head instead of a clock face, that would satisfy the sophomoric criteria for originality.


Well really Yerka style so i the colors and style! noudoubt great tecnique!! mabe too Yerka the draw, but anyway great job!!!


Hi, excelent work, i think your work will be somewhere in the first places, if not the winner.



This is the closest to yerka’s style till now. Even if the color of the car is not really part of his palette, it made good for the composition.