Here’s my entry, my attempt at a Yerka style inspired surrealist image. Yerka’s work is a pleasure to view. To me, it is whimsical and sublime in nature, as well as cleverly designed and composed–as can be seen in his ‘visual pun’ work. Trying to emulate a well evolved artistic style is a heavy task. I think I touched on it a little bit here. The image was done in PS using some elements modeled and rendered in Cinema 4d. The 3d elements include; the stuff inside the car cab, the owl-things clock face, castle, rear lights and dark-brown structure, compound-eye texture,bugs tongue, red locomotive-thing and the tree leaves. The blue car-thing and reptile parts are all PS painted.



Here are a couple of details:


Hi Bill :slight_smile:


Congratulation man :slight_smile: amazing work indeed
to be honest i was looking forward to see your entry :smiley:

From your comments i knew that you were working in a great work that meet the competition demand.

Like the tongue move by the way, really interesting :wink:



Is that you Yerka?

This is impressive. :applause:


If there are no cloud in the sky(maybe only gradient), this image will be perfect!!
because i think it is lack of empty space a bit.
just my opinion
anyway, this is the best one i’ve seen in this competition
regard .


Your attempt is amazing, as was to expected. Good Luck!


I im sorry im going to say this is just my opinion and i have to say it because i realize that is the impression im giving for the art , so mate dont be angry .
I think the camera angle is the most good of the scene the moment you capture as well , good color too , good work too but most in 2d wich is fine, but i have to say that has no originality , as you know that yerka in one of his pictures uses the train smoke and it convert into trees , that idea you have there is of yerka , and the other hand w ehave the car that is another idea that yerka , is just the same , so in conclusion the art and work you done is very good i have to say it ,but where is the original part ? the originall have to be all.That idea you put here is not new to me just a little things, so is very good but has no creative part invented by you , remeber is not just the colors light and texture basically is the idea , the creative part of the artist , is the same as yerka but diferent angle of camera , if you use this same technique with a diferent idea that no one put ever and its something new , sorry amazing work but no originality at all.


see for yourself


see? is just the basic same idea but with other colors and diferent car and diferent trees.
just for look is like a stolen idea of jerka thats why so impressive to me.
but i have to ask why you copy yerkas ideas and do not create something original?


Excellently presented work.Well done.


A fine work. It is absoluuttinen in the style of Yerka.




My favorite entry.



What a knockout punch. I don’t remember Yerka using that bright blue color… but damn… it doesn’t matter. You’ve blown my mind, gained my respect, and destroyed my hopeful entry in one post. Everyone here knows how hard it is to to pull this look off… bravo.

p.s. I wish other people understood the challenge better and created Yerka pieces along this line. It is so fun to see a handful of real contenders step up.


Very nicely done - you’ve got the Yerka style and imagery pretty much spot-on!




woooww… great work man… love it
you must be yerka…


Hey i think this is outrageus ! and no body tell a thing? i know that the judges will do they must for rightness , how can any stole the idea of the car of yerka that has a tail i post the imegs and you can see it , how is possible soemone stole the yerkas idea of the car and simple change the model of the car and the tail of the animal that ideas is of yerka not ours , is not rare? excuse me but we invented that before yerka?
it supposo that weu have to create something Not copied by the author , ok is good work , but how can this be true? i dont know why all the people flatter this people dont know? dont see?? people wake up! art is not all color and stuff is originality and creativity please !
is not the same?

and please this too? how can ?
and more…

pleasee see this , im very concern about this , so all concursants are very doom and foolish because yes we can take the same idea of yerka and and simple change the color and stuff
and excuse that is permited?


Thanks everyone for your comments.

smiljan66–Hey, you’re that post/delete post guy. :rolleyes:

I did not go off totally on my own tangent on this one to try and keep within the perspective of Yerka’s style. What you don’t seem to understand is an artist’s style is not just the technique they use, it is the embodiment of a particular essence, personality and or set of qualities that make a style uniquely their own, which includes the types of things they are inclined to paint. I chose to use one or more of Yerka’s reoccurring themes to keep within his frame of reference, for example Yerka chooses to paint within the framework of the 1950s, so I was not going to create a scene representing my notion of the 3050s. By the way, Yerka did not ‘invent’ the idea of car-creature hybrids and smoke trails morphing into objects, let alone castles, as you chose as your calling-me-out on originality reference links. You cannot label something unique or original just because you, in particular, haven’t seen it before. I’ve seen variations on these themes used many times.
You basically have 2 ways to go with surrealism. One, you can create meaningless, or seemingly meaningless, dream like images that defy logic or you can create images that are mentally engaging and have concrete meaning that still defy logic. Most people do the former, as I did, since I literally did not have the time to develop an interesting and thought provoking (hopefully) concept to design and ‘paint’. That would have been my quest in a second piece after achieving some familiarity with the stylistic mechanics in the first piece.

In the end I don’t expect you to understand any of this.

Nonetheless, I learned a few things from the project and wish I had time to do another one. I may do more surreal art in the future, though in my style. :slight_smile:


Apparently this looks too much like Yerka for some people! FYI smiljan66… jealously will get you nowhere!

Anyway Quadart, this is truly fantastic and I am inspired by your talent. My entry pales in comparison and this makes me wonder if I should enter it at all. I will be looking for this in the winners circle. Nice work!


Bla Bla Bla is a copy of something that is already invented , and the guy that you copy from was yerka himself you can copy any other but not yerka , i just say that is a copy nothing will change that and ou can see it by the pictures i post the trtuh is in front of your eyes blind!!!

any one can say that it is jsut the same as the pictures i have posted , and i have nothing to envi you im creative and original , and you uut seem that you dont have that sorry copymaker jaja , sorry for you your mynd dosent get much further that taht soemthing that has been already invented , if you are so good as you think make something original pal !!!

and dont worry the thing taht i think the judges will realize that point to and give you minus— points , but see if you win a dont give a dam so good luck to you too!:applause: