Fighting With Dinosaurs


Hi guys .
"Fighting With Dinosaurs it’s just personal animation test it’s not for Feature Film or Video Game
and i really get inspired by "Cameron Fielding
all your comment are welcome…


This is good. Did you use any motion capture or did you animate it all? The man moves amazingly well( I like him alot)


hey Brandon
no i didn’t use motion capture it’s all keyframe


Hi there,

Nice work, I really like the animation and simple look of the render. The only small things that bother me with the animation are the section where the man briefly walks backwards after the initial fight with the dinosaur and the reaction to getting hit by the second dinosaur. I’m not sure what it is about the walk backwards it just doesn’t seem as fluid as the rest it might be because he is on his toes so feels like his weight is pushing him forward instead of backwards. I’d personally like to see a bit more of an impact through the man when the second dinosaur hits him as well but it’s all looking pretty cool!

Nice work



That’s very impressive work.


That was really epic! Especially first kick! Some things looked a bit strange indeed, but i noticed that only after watching your video for the 4th time :slight_smile:


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