fighting scorpions


Hi CG talk members!

Although I am enjoying these galleries since quite a while now I never posted some of my work. Thinking it is time now!

I created these shots for creature animation training purpose but didn’t come too far with it. Used some images from the net as reference and pictures I’ve taken of the tiny scorpion from a former school mate. ( Thanx 2 Anja P. ! :slight_smile:

Hope you like this scene!

first test animation: (2.3megs)
single fighting shot: (3.3megs)

If this was not enough - on my web page in the animation section there’s
also a compositing mpg I’ve animated at school. Tanja Krampfert has worked on tracking & lighting while I was busy with blocking, animation and comping.

Have fun!


Cool animation and nice staging! looks very realistic! But the stinger slightly moves when It should stick to the other scorpions head. can’t you simply IK blend it?



You Are Amazing! Nice Work! It is so realistic!


Dude! I am astounded! What software are you using?
Is that all 3D, or is it composited? Great work! :thumbsup:


Hey dudes!

Thanks for your feedback!

This scene has been created in LW 7.5. and comped in Fusion.
The environment was created with procedural textures and a lot of procedural
displacement. Lighting was done traditionally with a dozen of spots placed in
spherical order.

I have to admit that the stinger thing comes from my sloppiness.

Thanks again for your feedback. Happy you liked my scorpions!



Awsome work, looks so real


nice looks great the fight looks very realistic and the textures are also very nice also th moves of those legs are really smooth.


I am extremely impressed, it looks very nice. :thumbsup:

Out of curiousity, how long have you been using lightwave or doing 3d for that matter?


Hey there!

Thanks for the comments!

I started 3d on a “poly and point” base about 6 yrs. ago in a company where I got the opportunity to make an internship and enter the industry by this. After 3 yrs. of successfully developing my technical experience and eyes for photorealism I left the facilities to start my studies in film and media at I’ll hopefully get my degrees early 2007.



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