Fight To The Death, Corleone (2D)


Title: Fight To The Death
Name: Corleone
Country: Medan
Software: Open Canvas

hei…this my first visit in this professional cg site. i am nothing compare with you guys. anything wrong pls teach me and giv me some advice. peace.


I can see alot of chinese comic influences in your work. I feel that the overall is too busy, and too opaque, especially in the effects. Try to tone down these things unless necessary. As for the composition, it would be a more powerful action piece if you made the figure in the front bigger and nearer towards the viewer, (or the opposition smaller and further away) so that it becomes more dynamic.


I love the overall energy of the piece, and you’ve described the motion well. I’m not sold on the pose of the fire guy in the background though, somehow it looks awkward with his leg lifted so high. Maybe a different pose could’ve worked better. The colors you chose are strong and well balanced, which helps alot.


thx for the advice jeromoo, the way i draw so far hav a problem i think all my drawing is lacking a detail, i just curious. how u guys usually do the details, because i apply stroke again n again (actually the small size hardbrush with depth color, is it right?), but still lack a detail compare with the other 2d piece i’ve seen in here. peace. pliz giv me some tips. that i can learn. thx btw!


sory forget to logout, southpark is actually henryz_jetsam.


Hi henryz_jetsam, I have put up an animated gif about the step by step process of a painting in my other post in this same section titled “Professor Umbridge”. Maybe you can see some examples from it. There are many ways to do a painting, especially in Photoshop, resulting in different styles. I always start out with a flat colour, then mark out the important features with outlines of a dark colour like black or dark orche, and then apply the shadows and lighting… I switched between several brushes to achieve different results for specific parts of the painting. you can always adjust the opacity of your brush to produce softer paint application. My suggestion is to make many studies of your own utilising all the tools that you have and their features.

Actually, its difficult to tell you how to do this and that just by typing, that’s why I decided to to put up the animated gif in my other post as mentioned and let you see for yourself how I work.


thx… for replying my question. thx for the help, yes i will wait for your next reply n don’t forget to include the gif file that u promise. :slight_smile: so you usually using what kind of brushes? n till how many percent you adjust your opacity in photoshop? i will try it n wait for my next posting bro. thx that giv me a serious tips. because most people on this site just don’t giv a f**k that wat we actually need here is to learn. P e a c e


Actually I have already posted the animated gif file in my OTHER post/thread (not this thread) with the title “Professor Umbridge”. But nevermind, here’s the shortcut:

I have to say that why not many people give you tips would be because this is a finished 2D section where people give critiques, not teach you how to paint and such. For that, you probably need to post your works in the WIP (Work in progress section) and maybe people will be able to give you some tips.

Also there are many tutorials out there and we need to find it. Here’s one example from Linda Bergkvist at her website:
click on the tutorial.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


thx alot bro. i owe u. :wink:


Great dynamic scene and style.Really a fine artwork :thumbsup:.


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