Fight in the dark, Guang Yang (3D)


Title: Fight in the dark
Name: Guang Yang
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi guys, this is my personal art work.
For this work, I want to express a feeling - pressure, tenacious, unyielding, never giving up even under such pressure should continue to stand up and fight!
I used high-poly to get a better result, and used Zbrush for the base-mesh by Zsphere, and imported to 3ds Max for topology, then brought back into Zbrush for detail and textures. Hair created in 3ds Max by hairtrix and rendered by Mentalray. Hope you like.


wow man,this is a great concept and details for the character.i like the idea.wish you all the best.


Top row for me!


great work all round…



unbelievable modeling. the clothing and face expressions are absolutely stunning.
the render could be better though, especially the skin shader.
either way, this one surely deserves and award :slight_smile:


What a beautiful work of art!

Where is the sweat in their faces ?

Atmossphere, face expressions, lighting etc. are really brilliant.
Another climax of CG-art.
You´ve made it, Guang.




Thats pretty awesome work, really well made scene.


Oh Boy, that is some gorgeous work!


Impressive work. Well done…How much time did u spend on modeling all the characters? How many polys do you have on your 3ds max scene?


Just incredible! Poor girl:(


Excellent work!congrats for such a great render
Best regards


Brilliant! 5*


man, you got it, feeling it up for the next round, almost over, just one more round.
Love the realism you gave to this work w/the background characters and all the different expressions, the hand w/the money, the atmosphere.
Question: Why the little man? For me it’s the greedy manager, the encouraging trainer, andd… a little man, haha.

Keep it that gooodd, with astonishing inspiration.


Great composition, nice details!! Really impressive work! :thumbsup:


Fantastic image.
Posted it on my blog.


love the emotion in this piece and the composition is so compelling. Great modeling, posing, texturing 5 Stars!!


Awesome, love it.


Hey !Thanks all of you wonderful comments!
close up:


Are you a machine?

Nice one!


excellent work, great details, many compliments!!:applause::applause: