Fight Club Video Game Trailer



i feel… dirty.

what the hell would possess someone to make a game out of fight club? did some hollywood executive say “damn thats a good movie, we should make a game out of it! great movies make great games!”


I’m curios about the self-beating part :banghead:


The movie is great , I hope the game can get close to that


after watching the trailer again…

i find it interesting that the movie characters likenesses werent used for the game. VU must have gotten the rights to the book, but not the movie. no edward norton, and no brad pitt. they ‘made’ the movie… but i guess htey wont be part of the game.


But they have meat loaf in there. Maybe they couldn’t get the rights to Pitt and Norton.


I have seen some interesting things about this game. Evidently, when you break someones arm or leg, that character cant use that limb any more when fighting. And while that didn’t look like Brad Pitt, it was fairly obvious that they based the character heavily on his look. It even sounds like someone doing an impression on Pitt and theres that one scene when he’s waving his arms around just like Pitt did in the movie.

I wish they did use the real actors from the film though. I’d love to give Pitt a pummling or maybe William Shatner.:smiley:


What I think is interesting is how closely this trailer resembles the original trailers for the movie when it came out. I don’t know how many of you remember them but those trialers were very misleading as to what the movie was about. On a side note I hate 3d fighters wouldn’t you like it much better if it was a 2d fighter with Brad Pitt throwing fire balls and Edward Norton doing flaming uppercuts? :smiley:


Even if this looks good visually, it’s a little disappointing to see that after a five year wait, this appears to be just a straight fighter with a new gimmick or two. It wasn’t the fighting itself that made ‘Fight Club’ one of my favorite movies.

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That was avery crappy trailer and the game looks even crappier



Yeah, I hope this isn’t gonna be just a straight up fighter… cause I mean while that was a part of Fight Club… the movie was about SO much more then that. I don’t know, maybe if they change it alittle bit so that if you win matches you get more respect and stuff, and you have to work up to being militant against the higher arche of society. Just a thought, ya know somthing along those lines.

Perhaps mini games. Like in the movie where they de-magnitized all the videos in the video store so they could be stolen. Maybe be all Solid Snake like and sneak around so you don’t get cought. Perhaps a reward system could be worked into the game via you completing your missions. i.e: … you learn a new move, or you can up your stamina or power. Would be a good idea.

I do think its cool that if you break a bone or somthing it shoots to skeleton view and you see it break. I also like the fact that if you break a limb you can’t use it. Remeniscent (sp) of Time Killers! WHAT A GAME! Some came close like Bushido Blade… but I like the idea of crippling your opponent while fighting! Makes you sorta pick and choose your moves to pull off and when.


I dont belive a fighting game like this, is in the the spirit of the movie at all :frowning:

Not to say I woulden´t try it out…



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