Fight Club Clip


Hi every one. I’m currently working on a acting scene for a class project. This is by no means finished, but I would great appreciate any critiques.


Ok dont take this as to harsh but from watching that I cant make any kind of connection with the audio to the animation that you have done.

Im not some jackass coming and saying your work sucks but you can usually get a flow from the animation matched with audio and your animation just dosent work with the audio.

My advice would be to look at the fight club reference, get a video camera if you have access to one and act out the scene the way you think it would play out in your head, do it alone if need be. Trust me it will bring your anims up 10 fold, If this is for a class I would look to really plan out you animation it will help alot.


your character needs more motive behiend his actions. right now he is just kind of floating around in 3d space for the length of the audio clip. i don’t really feel any connection between the dialogue and the character. i can’t even really decide if you are going with tyler durdon or the narrator(jack). it is difficult to say anything about your timing, but your moving holds need work. right now everything seems very poppy except for the torso. try not to ‘counteranimate’ or put key frames on top of eachother, clean up the animation curves to give him a more fluid work. you have your work cut out for you, but you can do it, it’s not that far from being a good piece.


The characters body language is ambiguous. You need to pose the character CLEARLY. I first watched it without audio and could not read his body.

Secondly, the audio just confused me further. Is he Edward Norton’s character or is he Brad Pitt?


I fully understand which character your are doing, Edward Norton, but this is only because I have an excellent memory, and remember this scene and the characters actions and behaviour. Your characters actions do some what relate to this scene but they are not as readable as they need to be, for someone to fully understand what the character is conveying. That and I agree with what previous people said.


Do you have a mini mirror handy? Or maybe a full length mirror in your bathroom or bedroom? I used to have a giant mirror in my room and I found EXTREMLY useful for acting things out and studying motion. I would also suggest filimg yourself and using it as reference, not only will you have more footage to work from, but you will have a better concept of weight and it will help you!


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