Fight Blockout


Hey guys!

This is my first post, decided I really need to be more involved with the community! Excited to start sharing with everyone :slight_smile:

Anyway, working on a short fight encounter sequence between two characters for fun, im looking for any suggestions and critiques before cleaning and polishing. Thanks!

Video Link:

James Arvin


Seems cool. If the guy can pick up the other guy his size, does he have super human strength, or is he even human?


Wow sorry for the delay. Been having some issues getting things to post on these forums, and this post is actually in the wrong section! Anyway, heres an update on where im at. I want to slow down the initial lift where the character gets lifted off the ground. What do you guys think? Looking for any comments/critiques! Thanks everyone.

@Nartson They are actually humans in suits, one has super strength, lets just say from injections. He kinda looks like master chief, which you will see in the final render.

Video Link:


Very cool. What did you do this in?


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