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Hello everybody,

We’re trying to bring complete realtime visualization framework for artists, architects, developers and everyone, who is interested in 3D Graphics. The most important thing for us is simplicity. Everyone should be able to work with Fibix. We tried to make the framework as simple as possible so that one doesn’t have to spend hours and hours trying to light up scenes, setup materials and make scenes interactive.
Check out our new projects, user manual, forum or voting system for new features. You can download Fibix editor, Fibix player and Fibix exporter for FREE (for non commercial purposes).

We would very much appreciate any sort of feedback from you, thank you!

fibix web:
online manual:
fibix forum:




  • we added few basic tutorials for you
  • Fibix manual was updated a lot


  • Direct3D 11 Renderer
  • Multithreaded rendering
  • Renderer was optimized a lot, we got 2x - 5x increase of performance, your scenes can be larger and more variable ! We can now easily render more than 15 000 Objects in scene with contemporary available middle class HW.
  • Parallax mapping with occlusion was added
  • Aproximated indirect lighting, environmental lighting


  • New material preview
  • Lot of things were fixed, especially we improved support for FBX format file import
  • Custom database preview - user friendly
  • Added performance settings options
  • We optimized memory footprint a lot
  • Loading times are now 5 - 10 times faster , also Fibix Editor itself starts much faster right now
  • Environment background setup

And much more … Try right now, we’re looking forward to your feedback !



In this version, we focused mostly to make your work with Fibix more comfortable so you can really enjoy it.

What’s new:

  • Decals - possibility to paint decals onto rendered geometry - saves lot of time on modelling ( supports normal & parallax mapping )
  • various Drag & Drops ( materials , objects, database ) - this was a must, now it’s here
  • Implemented converter from FBX to our optimized DZM Format - this gives completely new oportunities to you because of shorter loading times & higher memory usage efficiency
  • Support for usage of absolute paths ( so much expected from you )
  • Lot of bugfixes

And much more!


Hi guys,

our team created a new architectural presentation and therefore we would like to introduce it to you:

On this video we want to show you what is fibix capable of. We would like to point out the fact, that this whole scene was rendered on the run! No waiting for hours or days for rendering.

All feedback would be appreciated.

Fibix Team


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