Fiat Punto Grande


Hi folks!

I was so impressed by the new Fiat Grande that I decided to model it. I have done few car models before, but didn’t finished any of them :D, so I need your advices to help me finish this one sucessfully! :buttrock:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Here are few wires, not much done, but I’ve just began! :thumbsup:

…and one clay render…


nice start :slight_smile:


Diky kovy! :slight_smile:

Pozeral som tvoju stranku a mas tam par podarenych auticiek, tak sa dufam este niekedy stavis a nieco poradis :thumbsup:


pokud by jsi chtel nekdy poradit tak se ozvi na ICQ :wink:


Try keeping your mesh clear from n-gons (more than 4 sided polys) you’ll get more predictable subdivisions then.


Thanks 3dRaven! Great tip :thumbsup: I tried to clen up my mesh a little bit from the n-gons… here’s what I got…

…anyway, I still have some problems with the smoothnes of the body… on the image below I have marked one of the places where you can see that the surface is not completely soft… which technique do you use guys? Do you remove the edges and add them again at the same place or what? :rolleyes:

Looking forward to your comments and advices! :buttrock:


A quick fix to 4 sided polys


Thanks again 3dRaven :slight_smile: Those are exactly the tips I need :bounce:. I need to practice more to se the possible solutions by myself. In fact I’m impressed how easy it was :). I’ll post update later…


Little update…

I’m still not satsfied with the smoothnes of the surface…see the side of the front part… how can I fix this without the complete rebuilding of the side? :shrug:


if your using max then try the relax modifier on the vertexes in that part, if Maya then use the artisiam brush set to smooth.


Thanks again 3dRaven… i’m using max and tried the relax modifier… it does the thing i needed but it’s still not as perfect as it should be, so i will try to remake that part… hope it won;t be so hard :smiley:

Update again! :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to comment! :buttrock:


Well looking at the shading it seems the mesh is wavy in that area have you though of cutting donw on the density of the mesh in that area?? You don’t need that much detail to define the shape there. The meshsmooth will add in the smoothness later on


I have tried to lower the number of polygons in the critical region on the side, as suggested 3dRaven (thanks! :thumbsup:) and the problem with the smoothnes was solved. I’m modeling other parts of the car and I have tried to add a color to the model. Anyway, the coloring and lighting is not final…

Don’t hesitate to write your comments and crits, they help me a lot! :buttrock:


nice work on the reflections, the specular could use some tweaking though (has a plastic feel to it atm) try sharpenning it a bit maybe try an anistropic shader for it


Hi folks! :slight_smile:

I’ve changed the color (as sugested 3dRaven, again :thumbsup: ). Now it has the feeling of a real car paint to me, what do you think? In the next days I’ll again focus on modeling (lot of work to do) and bring you new pics when there will be more of the car than just the front…

…till then I’m looking forward to your comments! :buttrock:


Amazing work!

waiting for the final result


Thanks zeezo!

I’ll try to do my best to not cripple the beauty of this car :D… hope you will like the final result :thumbsup:



Just posting some upload so you know I’m still on this project :). I’m working on the side of the car now and in the next days I’ll continue on the back…

Crits/comments are welcome as always! :thumbsup:

…test render…


Great model and polygonal modeling method!

One remark: maybe you should use silver or “metalic” carpaint? I think it will be more beautiful.