Fiat 500, Dirk Mauche (3D)


simply gorgeous


My humblest apologies Alberto.:beer:


its just PERFECT.
i like the textures… they are gr8 :beer:


GREAT work, I love the lightning


hello there :slight_smile:

I do agree that the prespective is a little off…
I’ll try to illustrate it:

And also the shadow under the car is way too dark :slight_smile: I believe light bouces there too leaving some visible areas not covered with almost 100% black.

But well done overall :slight_smile: I wish I had such modeling and lightning skills :).


wooow this is ultra realistic :eek: looks like photo :eek:


Hi, nice model and texturing. (as mentioned before I find the light direction for the car wrong and the shadow way too dark, in that position the car doesn’t seem to receive direct light, and so the shadow should almost be nil on the ground, much more diffused)

One other critique would be the composition. Someone mentioned this image was chosen because it was different from the normal clean car in the middle of nowhere type image. Your image is a welcome change from that, but I find the positioning of the car in this shot is a little too conspicuous, too centred (and thus like one of the studio-shot cars comped into a photo). Perhaps if it was off the driveway, a little more on the grass might help the composition.

Well, easy for me to say what could be done, just trying to be constructive. The modeling and texturing are superb, as is your photo. I hope you decide to rework the composition and lighting a little - would look forward to seeing the results.



very nice, i think everything is perfect besides that the shadow under the car is TO DARK, there is not a single area in the picture with a blacness like under the car. the shadow needs to be more iregular under the car, like som straws and edges reflecting the light particles and som dont.

there are no black shadows.


Quoted for an agreement… :beer: :thumbsup:


great work, it´s wonderfull. I love the comp of the 3d over the photo, a few seconds i beleve that the car was a photo and the background was 3d, so that means you did a perfect work
five stars dude…
sorry my poor english
andy :wink:


why is the picture on the front page completely different??:shrug:


really nice work. Very good lightning and texturing. Congratulation !
agree for the perspective problem…


Nothing new to add here, just had to say well done - a really nice piece of work. :thumbsup:


Great work, it almost looks like a really nice painting.


Ha, Ha! claudio.rizzi has been burned!


Incredible work ! But something is amazing : I don’t love Fiat 500 in “real life”, and the two best CG cars ever (in my opinion) ARE fiat 500 ! Yours and another one (“Waiting for spring” I think).
Really a GREAT job !:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This is as real as things get… simply amazing!


impressive work, it looks pretty believable from where i’m sitting. nice one. :cool:


Very nice feeling of solidity to the car :beer:


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