Fiat 500, Dirk Mauche (3D)


Title: Fiat 500
Name: Dirk Mauche
Country: Germany
Software: Maya


This picture was my first try to achieve some realismusing hdri lighting.

all work was done in maya (modeling,texturing etc).
background is photographed.

critics are welcome.


at last a real car ! with no cling and weeeez light.

ultratopwork ! the best car i ever seen here .:beer:


Beautiful pic, I love the textures and light!!!

5 stars from me!


Yeah, it’s real. Could I ask for some wires?


Amazing work, incredible realism, the shadow is perfect!:bowdown:
I have no words for this! hehehe
5 stars!

I have until shame to show my humble work ( ) close this! :blush: hehehe


Forgive my english.


amazing and perfect.


Is that real!
Great work;)




lovely work. I wish more people would model the cars that people actually drive


Very realistic! Like a Photo!

5 Stars from me!



it is so real. :surprised


yup good work m8

I too like the texture, well done


wow 5 stars from me … only thing that makes it look cg is the right tyre well done :slight_smile:


Nice work, Dirk. I like the texturing very much. The only thing that catches my eye is the shadow underneath the car…it seems a bit too dark to me. Great job though :thumbsup:


great image congrats!:thumbsup:


5 stars from me! :thumbsup:


Really good job!!! The only crit is that I think the perspective is not 100% right, the front wheel seems to be to high from the ground if you ask me…


cool image man


cool image man


Wow superb render…the car is fantastic.Congrats:bounce: