FG without occlusion - possible?


Maybe I am making things too complicated but I am trying to render a Final Gathering pass without the occlusion contribution, i.e. what you would get if there were no shadows.

Essentially I am after a surface shader look, but I dont want to have any diffuse shading in my scene.

I cant use a surface shader as it is not affected by FG, I am currently using a lambert with diffuse set to 1 and playing around with passes - unfortunately if I try some obvious choices such as “diffuse without shadow” I actually only get a black frame. Why is that?

Is there a way to sample the environment without actually having occlusion occuring?


Just to explain further: I already have the occlusion in an AO pass. I am after the diffuse colour component now which together with the AO would more or less resemble a FG pass. So I am trying to strip “the AO out of the FG” …


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