Few nCloth for one Passive Collider?


Hello guys!

I’m creating curtains and what I should do is making collision with window and wall. I have two curtains and they have different nucleus, but I would like to collide them with one object (wall or window in this case).

Peter Nowacki


simply make them all the same solver…


Yep, but what if I don’t want the same solver? That’s the question, two really different solvers for two curtains.

Peter Nowacki


heh, then the other answer is to have duplicates of the walls, etc, each in each curtains solver… :wink:


I made everything in this way also, but it double my whole geometry. I thought there is way through Dynamic Editor but not…


is there a reason the curtains need 2 solvers?


This is certainly a major drawback to nCloth.

This was an even bigger issues when you couldn’t even rely on the cloth that was cached to be a useful collide. So you had to duplicate the cloth and attach caches to be used a passives. So who knows maybe in a few version they can work that out.

I suspect nCloth has issues with this because of it’s by bidirectional nature. There is just a lot of extra information that nCLoth is passing around. So in order to keep things from getting out of control and looping. This limitation is put there to keep us all safe. That’s what i say to myself anyway. :shrug:


hahaha Scott…

I thought Duncan has mentioned Fluids, Particles, Cloth and Rigids will all be in nucleus all in one… hmmm

ah well, duplicate geos, etc , not the end of the world, as long as it works :wink:


if you ONLY need it for collisions, just look at the connections from the nRigid to the solver and make those connections to the other solver.


connectAttr -f pPlane1_nRigidNode.startState nucleus2.inputPassiveStart[0];
connectAttr -f pPlane1_nRigidNode.currentState nucleus2.inputPassive[0];

if you are planning on doing any constraint to the nRigid DONT do this, duplicate the objects as mentioned above

oh, and as with most node hacks on nCloth nodes, you will likely need to force a refresh, ie rewind timeslider



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