Ferrari F1-2000, Aomcaloes (3D)


Hi all,

Here is a composited render of my Ferrari F1-2000. I have been working on this for a long time off and on and only recently became interested enough to take it to a conclusion.

Everything is CG apart from the background which is derived from a photograph sourced from the excellent website.

All comments welcomed.



The picture look good. How to compisite your model and the background?
Only one thing is a little bad, you choose the motion background,but your tire it seem static…, maybe you can add some motion blur on the tire.


Can’t say if it’s a photo or not, very nice work, post a wireframe please :slight_smile:


Hey Ozzy, nice job mate ! :buttrock:

Originally posted by super
Only one thing is a little bad, you choose the motion background,but your tire it seem static…, maybe you can add some motion blur on the tire.

Maybe you should look again…?!! The text that’s on the tires is obviously blurred. :rolleyes:

Very very very nice and realistic render. Can’t distinguish from the real thing…



Originally posted by ThirdEye
Can’t say if it’s a photo or not, very nice work, post a wireframe please :slight_smile:

guess thats a good thing. VERY NICE WORK! you should feel proud, great product :slight_smile:


Uau… Execelent F1 my friend!
Amazing accuracy and details!
The Render is very nicely done too, good bg + cg integration!
I got a bunch of F1 renders here but yours top them all!


Awesome! I think it accurately depicts an actual F-1 picture.

I really like how the front left tire is slightly floating and the helmet is tilted. The driver is going in for a turn. :slight_smile: Nice work!

This is Schumacher right?


Very nice pic!
The only thing that I think is wrong is the Marlborotext on the wing, I dont know whats wrong but it seams out of order…

Anyways, good work!!:thumbsup:


very good modeling, texturing and lighting.
I’d like to see the wire…


It’s fantastic! However if I was to b like many here who couldn’t produce such great work but are quick to comment on what could be improved (Oh guess I am then…) I would say that I’ve never seen a photo where the middle section (section of interest) is in perfect focus no blur on helmet e.t…c and the foregrnd and backgrnd are blurred and out of focus. But thats just being too picky - so great job all round.


…where did it go?..




Nice work,can you please post a wire?
VFX, I have seen shots from motorcycle racing where the rider and bike are in absolute perfect focus, and the background is blurred- a good photographer can pan the camera, in conjunction with the proper shutter speed(say1/250) you would get exactly the result seen in this work.:beer:


Great stuff. I like the mat of the tyres. Its a nice clean model as well. I think this is one if the most accurate models of the Ferrari. Good job!

Some things could improve though.

I guess there could be some dof effect to give it that photo quality.

The air intake above the helmet is a bit too flat, almost like a black texture where the hole is supposed to be.

Some dirt on the barge boards and spoilers would make it more realistic I think.

A little wear on the tyres perhaps.

I know this is in finished gallery, so just take them as suggestions :slight_smile:


this is areally nice model and the composition is unreal :slight_smile:

That said, there seems to be a slight perspective problem with the rear wing/spoiler. The Marlboro text accents it. Might be me though.


Nice job!! Cept the tires are a lil’ bit too shiney in my opinion…makes it look like a toy.

Other than that…great model!! i like how u fit it into the background! way to go!:beer:


Wow, this is amazing work. The very, very minor thing that bothers me is the extremely fine resolution of the lines of darkness along the outside corner of the tires. I think the lighting and shading detail apparent there might be too finely resolved by the “lens” of this camera given a) how fast the tires are spinning and b) how large the “photographic” grain in some of the shadow areas of the image are. With grain that large in a photograph, it seems doubtful that that same piece of film would resolve that level of detail in the tires. That’s just my feeling. Fabulous work. I couldn’t make anything even close to this myself.


nice rendering, i wonder what software u used…and wireframe pls…


love the model, nice composite aswell but one main fault that cuts the realism for me.

And that’s the tires, the car itself is overall too sharp and well too high quality :smiley:

needs blur and dof imho to make it more photolike.

And also perhaps add some wear to tires.

But I think with some nice blur, and effects this pic can be way perfect :thumbsup:


Your shadows under the car are way too black, almost pure black and as any lighting artist would tell you, there are no black shadows in reality. Might want to tone those down a bit, and the tires look way too brand new and clean to be racing around on a track. Other than that, looks good.