Ferrari Challenge Stradale, Vision3d (3D)


Title: Ferrari Challenge Stradale
Name: Vision3d
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Hi. Here is my latest work. It took about 2 weeks to made model. This scene I prepared in 2 days. The background image is just a photo. I used HDRI technology for better realism. Motion Blur was added in Photoshop. For final render I used Brazil R/S. C&C are welcome. Cheers.


that’s cool man…realy like the textures…the dirt I mean…the background is cool…
nice modeling


really nice image, but i think the dirt around the first wheel case was made a bit sorted. You know what i mean? But indeed a nice image, in conjunction with a very good compositing.


Really nice, i dig those dirty textured cars that keeps popping up now a days!


YEAH!, good model and really nice dirty texturing. The composition are really cool. I would like to see the model detailly without composition and motion blur, and see the model of the all angles for see it full details.

Excelent work men, congrats. :thumbsup:


I don’t like cars and I don’t like 3d cars, but yours is truly beautiful! Nice model and composition!



I like it a lot. Great modeling and texturing.
I love it mostly for not being another “shiny red/yellow super-car on white plate” - I hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Maybe front is still too shiny against rest of car. Anyway - GREAT work.


great stuff man, really nice skills.


It’s pretty rare that I see a 3d image that I wouldn’t be able to discern from a photograph, but this is one of those crazy realistic ones. There are flaws though, most notably the blurring on the upper left of the car, over the hood. That doesn’t quite look like motion blur…


i never really cared for cars either. but you took what could have been a boring product shot, and turned it into a image with life and feeling.


beautiful. two little suggestions: it seems, that the front tyre is not in motion, and (this is very subjective) i think the composition is a bit tight, it would look better if you wouldn’t fill the picture with the car (i mean leave a little more space, BG on the side of the pic).
but again, it’s the best car render i’ve seen lately.

  • Very nice work!
  • I think that the “bloom” effect is a little much.
  • Nice model.


i’m a porsche fan and i didnt like the ferreri, but your image made me look at this car in a diferent way.
great work


I don’t like cars, I hate 3D and 2D and drawing and painting…wait a minute, I draw cars for a living! That’s a little beauty mate.


great image! Just wish there was a little more room in the right and left…it feels a little cut off but GREAT job!


its really cool, but a ferrari for off road looks strange


great model nice compostion, but one question who is driving the car? you have the car in motion but there is no one in either seat :eek:


Hey who’s drivin that thing…If you need a driver I’ve always wanted a Farrari…Sweet render man…nice composition and stunning model…:thumbsup:


great modeling ! nice picture… love those dirt textures


It looks almost perfect… Except for the fact that the car seems to run on dirtroad but there is no dust coming out from the tires.
Although i’m sick of the rate those car models are popping up lately… Good Job! :thumbsup: