Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Pavel Mikhailenko (3D)


excellent work… very good the modeling texture very good render…
etars 5…


yes agree with danzarin you should try to put an omni with 0,1 or 0,2 intensity to simulate the rebound on the ground.
otherwise it is just perfect.


a feast to my eyes!
thank you


Well that has surpassed my scaglietti! Great job, do you have an interior?


this is not the front page stuff… sorry… your works are great, i love your mercedes ml (the desert shot) the most, it was flawless piece,but not this one… i’m afraid,it’s the reason of a less good vehicle pics here in last weeks,that front page thing…that’s the reason… i can give you 3 stars for this picture…it’s nothing great,nothing cataclysmal… as i said,your previous works rulez… but not this one… the bottom is too black, lights are just bad (what’s the reason of red bleeding there?)… etc… anyway, i know your works and you deserve the front page appreciation, but not with this work… that’s all what i wanted to say.


Please leave the plugs job to admins and forum leaders, i think we can handle that.

First of all the front page doesn’t really have to show just incredibly amazing renders, there’s the cgchoice gallery for that.
Secondly the front page is meant to show the best pics of the day, it has to be kept fresh with new images, and this Ferrari was the best piece in the gallery by a huge margin.
Thirdly it IS a very good piece, maybe it needs some final touches here and there but i’ve seen worse stuff getting plugged. This one certainly deserves it.
Fourthly it seems all the other people liked it, except the ones who preferred focusing on politics instead of talking about the image.
Fifthly let me tell you that your comment came quite rude.


ThirdEye, yes,plugs job is not my stuff,that’s true, but can you tell me,what was the last car plugged except Marek Denko’s Fiat? here’s a lot of great, really great car images including studio shots, not only the environment compostions,but where they are? in last period the front page is all about characters (yes,great for sure) and competitions. Why the MPavol’s Mercedes was not the front page? it was just flawless piece, photoreal render, incredible masterpiece of model… I didn’t tell this picture is not good, very good… I said,it’s not great. So, continuously:
1st: i agree,nothin’ more what i can say… it should be like that…
2nd: yes and that’s the reason with ferrari… best piece by a huge margin… but another period with great car renders was unfortunatelly moved away because of the other cg stuff, not cars…
3rd: yes,this is a very good piece, i agree and i didn’t tell it’s not… anyway i said,it’s not great and that’s my standings… i know MPavol’s work for a really long time and be sure he’s author of really better images that this one is. but i’ve seen worse stuff plugged too, that’s true. so please,no offense,but this is my attitude, this image not deserves front page, is anyone else’s attitude acceptable for you? this is the place open for opionions, suggestions, comments and critiques, that’s the reason i really appreciate this page and this forum… that’s the reason why i’m cg society member, that’s the reason of my support to you… so don’t make me feel bad when i want to say i think…
4th: it’s all about the same thing again… as i said,i like it… you said, it’s good picture, very good picture… i agreed… but imho it’s not GREAT… i don’t wanna play with words,this is not my own native language, so i’ve got limitations to say everything i want in the right way. i just know, MPavol can make much more better and greater images like this one…
5th: i’m dissapointed, pretty much… my comment came quite rude to you? why? i said, what i thought… i’m used to say what i’m thinking… i’m open for any C&C with my works and if someone say C&C welcome, i’m trying to give my critique… try to check another (car only i think) threads here, if i don’t like something, i’ll tell it… if there’s anything what can increase quality of picture, i’m trying to help… this thread is full of ‘great, wow, awesome’ comments, but they can’t move you further… if there’s anything wrong,it should be said… the bottom of the car is too black, front lights are bad with that red color bleeding, it’s just unrealistic and it brings this work down… what’s wrong here when i’m rude after showing my attitude? as i said, i’m dissapointed of your reaction… if here’s not allowed to say opinion, that’s really sad. and i’m pretty confused of that.


i ain’t got a clue, sorry

as i already explained in my previous post the plugs are chosen between the images that are validated in the gallery, and probably there was something else to plug, we just have 6 pics, not 60

once again, probably there was something else to plug

once again same reply, there was probably something else to plug

no, you still don’t get it. Your comment came quite rude because saying someone who wins a prize “hey you don’t deserve it” is just rude. You can say you don’t like the piece, you can crit it, you can express whatever you want about it, but please don’t judge if it deserves the front page or not because as i already explained:

  1. this is someone else’s job and there are many things involved in the choice of a plug
  2. you frankly look like an ass in front of other people if you just say “it doesn’t deserve the front page”. Take these words with a grain of salt, this is nothing personal, i’m just giving you an advice.

we all know he can do better than this, probably he’s the first one who would admit that but so? It’s a great piece anyway, it was the best of the day and it’s been plugged. What’s so weird about this??

Once again it’s not a matter of crits, they are all welcome and appreciated by most of the people who post their work here (otherwise they wouldn’t probably post anything). You can express your own opinion and give advices and useful crits, but, once again, saying “you don’t deserve this and that” just:

  1. isn’t constructive at all, what kind of a crit is that?!
  2. it’s not your job anyway since the staff can handle it
  3. it’s RUDE.

I hope you get my point, my apologies if i wasn’t clear enough, english isn’t my native language at all.



Thirdeye, so does something need to be put in the final finished gallery then to stand a chance of being on the frontpage? I’ve never done that myself yet…maybe I should?

Forget to say, Furo are you only a modeler or do you render too? cos i’d love your suggestions on how to improve my alloy material on my 612 (if u can?) Cheers!


Usually the staff only plugs finished works, so we use to choose them from the 2D and 3D gallery.


ThirdEye,ok, i’ve got it… plugs is your work, it’s holly… i can’t tell i don’t agree with plugged work, right? anyway, sorry to MPavol for being rude,when i told this picture don’t deserve to be on the front page… MPavol,any of your another works deserves… i’m not giving any apologize to you ThirdEye,if i don’t like something on front page, i just say it… i’ve never said this before, cause i was satisfied… now i’m not… that’s all…
SimonGibson: no, sorry 'bout that,i’m just modeler, i’m trying to render my stuff, but i’m not much successful, that’s the reason i admire ppl as like as MPavol, who’s absolutely great skilled with modeling in AutioStudio and rendering in max… i’ve got my Suzuki model free for rendering cooperation in colaborative projects section here, my Hummer is in rendering progress now by twice cg award winner Brian Ellebracht… btw,i love your ferrari, why you interupt co-operation with Shaddix?


i forget, rating 2.88 means, that all the other ppl like it? i don’t think so…


Plugs are our work but they’re not holy (assuming holy is what you meant) at all, there’s nothing religious or particular involved with them. Plugs work this way:

  1. the staff browses the galleries
  2. we choose the best pieces we see in that moment
  3. we plug them IF:

a) they’re interesting enough, usually we prefer images with some passion and deep feelings, the technical aspect is not everything

b) the other plugs have been up for the right amount of time

c) there’s nothing else that needs plugging (news, offers, interviews and so on)

No need to apologise to me or not, i think i’ll sleep anyway this night.


The rating is low because of those people who gave him 1 or 2 stars because of his avatar, i think it was quite clear.


it’s not about religion… of course… in our country it means, ‘something is untouchable’ … i said english is not my native language…

i’m sure you’ll sleep well tonite, it’s not your first moderator vs. user conflict i think… i’m sure… unfortunatelly, this is my first time… so my night will be sleepless i think… but i’ll be fine, don’t worry… little shocked,but fine… anyway, cgtalk is still my favourite one:thumbsup:


I meant religious in the same way you mean holy :wink: No conflicts anyway, just a discussion to understand each other’s motivations, sleep well tonite hehe


fine,i’m really happy it’s closed now… i hope my wife will take care of my good sleep tonite;)


haha well i hope for you she will :wink:


This is a great rendering and even better model. Id be curious to know your lighting setup.



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