Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Pavel Mikhailenko (3D)


Title: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Name: Pavel Mikhailenko
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max

My last work in Brazil. This is 5 meters long Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Modeled in Alias AutoStudio. Then exported into 3D Max.
Any crits are welcome!

>> Hi resolution image <<


superb, I can’t find any crits


great render, looks just like a photograph like in the brochures :thumbsup:


Very good work, I only have two tiny crits: the headlights look too red, they should have more a color of their own. And the paint is IMO a tiny bit too reflective, which makes the red look a bit washed out at some points.


Really nice …car man!


Very good image of reference, but, where is your work? :thumbsup:
I think is a great work specially the lighting.


OSAAMA! He’s into cars now? :smiley:


as for the care its awesome great jop really very nice
but what i admire the most is you.yea …you luv ben laden and Ferrari at the same time u must ba a very open minded man…i wont find it strange if it turns to be that you love METALLICA and [color=white]Mariah Carey [/color]at the same time too:)
keep it up friend


ya, he is. he is the new boss of ferrari. cant you see??? kidding.

good work man. and i like both ur car and avatar :thumbsup:


nice work…4 stars

dbluewolf :
what da f**k


Hard-nosed it must be owned :thumbsup:
З.Ы.:Павел, а че на ЦГталк.ру не запостил?


Yes, really good work. :thumbsup:


wow, very nice i can’t find any crits 2 , cos nature is not perfect any way ! :banghead:


MPavel great work , funny avatar:) lol


good render.

My only one critic is that the bottom of the car is all black. I would like to see some dark pieces down there not just black emptiness… also the tires shape disappear on all that blackness. I guess in real world some light will jump down there.

But looks good anyways.


Top Work :buttrock:

Great avatar :thumbsup:


Looks really awsome. How long did it take to render?




Very good model, very good materials/shaders, very good render, very good composition… Overall: very good rating! :thumbsup: from me man! :thumbsup:


The only flaw that I could find is the blackness of the tires. I would have liked to see some texture on the tires and under the car but otherwise this image is very good, the mnodeling is impressive. Can we see some wires?