Ferrari 599GTB fiorano, Radoslav Zilinsky (3D)


Title: Ferrari 599GTB fiorano
Name: Radoslav Zilinsky
Country: Slovakia

Hi there,
this is my recent personal project. I wanted to test my car modeling skills, so I modeled this beautiful car into detail.

As it is imho one of the most beautiful car in the world, I thought that I deserves also a nice background. I made a sketch a deside to go with combination of 3d and matte painting.
Hope you will like it ! :slight_smile:


hirers crop -


2d/3d - matte painting layers


3d wire


actual car model


pekne to mas radeno :slight_smile: setko sa mi paci az na ten vodopad … nejako mi tam nesedi perspektyvne alebo mierkou… neviem.
inac super :slight_smile:


Wow this is just amazing!
Great Car model and impressive environment. I really like it a lot.
Thumbs up!

Cheers Silverwing


Wonderful work :slight_smile: The final image is fantastic - great to see how it was put together too.


nice work

environment looks very good and have nice atmosphere only the front of car could by more lighted


very good modeling by the ferrari car i like it the look & the plaes ok

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


looks great specialy the modeling


wow,looks so nice!
the model and render and the environment are great!!


Overall very nice scene…modeling is also good :beer:
wonder how you modeled the stones?


very good presentation and model work, 4 * for sure :cool:


thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

koolnits - oh that was many phases…geosphere, polyshift (from polyboost), champfer random edges, turbosmooth, polyshift, optimize, turbosmoth and so on


Great work :thumbsup:

Mas to naozaj pekne. Uz davno som si obrazok auta nepozeral s takym zaujmom :arteest:


Beautiful model.


its amazing. great work


Amazing model and scene, everything fits well together! nice render!
I love the car model!


Nice work! I love the scene.

Maybe the foreground rocks need to have some highlights.

Anyway keep up!