Ferrari 250 Gto, Zoltan Sostai (3D)


Superb nothing to say here! So realistic! and its a very difficult car to make to, You did a great job!:applause:

Gr Koen


Q U A L I T Y.
nuff said.


Amazingly made, I just don’t have anything with this carmodel.


Great work! Simply perfect… :bowdown:

Az egyik kedvenc kocsim, nagyon szep lett, gatula!


Man looks awesome. Love those old ferrari’s. Im looking for some HDRI’s is that what your using, looking for a place to buy some high res ones where did you get that one.


excellent ! ! !very good job !! impressive render ! ! no crit 4 me ! just wow :slight_smile:


Nice work!!! The car is really cool!!! Dream car.


Simply amazing, great compositing as well!


Beautiful picture!! Great lighting -reflections…

nagyon szép munka- jó ilyen magas színvonalú Magyar melókat látni…



Yes really good modeling and rendering. However I find the carpaint a bit too reflective.


Thanks to all of you. For the crits and for the stars as well:)


Very beautiful work. May we see a wire, please ?


And it’s a FrontPage work!!!
My favorite are the first and the fourth image…

Keep it up!


That’s a really great job. How much time did it take to create it? Congrats!


Beatutiful, 5 stars. How much modelling time did that take you?


Wow…gorgeous work, supremacy. Lighting & render is especially fine. Probably the best photo-realistic piece I’ve seen with Cinema 4D. Any chance you could throw a couple of hints our way? :slight_smile:


I’m currently working on a full car modeling/shading/lighting tutorial for Cinema 4D which is based mainly on this scene. This will include a detailed shader descprition too and I’ll post it here in the Cinema 4D thread a bit later.

The modeling took about 5 days but I wasn’t working all the time. The shading/lighting process took only a few hours because I had used some similar shaders and scene setups for other models earlier, so there was no need to create everything from the start.


You’re a star, supremacy, many thanks. I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get the ‘right’ look out of Cinema. Once again, beautiful work mate :thumbsup:


Simply great! Good shading and modeling as well. Keep up the good work! :bounce:


so cool …amazing work.