Ferrari 250 Gto, Zoltan Sostai (3D)


Title: Ferrari 250 Gto
Name: Zoltan Sostai
Country: Hungary
Software: CINEMA 4D

I decided to model a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Well, what else should I say?:slight_smile: I hope the images speak for themselves. Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D v 9 and there is some post work done in Paint Shop Pro 7. It took me about one and a half week to create this. I’ll post more images later.


Superb work, congratulations :applause:


awesome. perfect job.


wow… gr8 work , perfect reflections ,can u show us some more views


That’s no model! that’s a picture!

A Masterpiece, very very well done mate!
Front page for sure! :wink:

my post:


Nagyon szép!
Kéne még egy render hátulról isde így is tökéletes! :slight_smile:
Egyedüli “probléma”, hogy az AA kicsit “rackás” 1-2 helyen!



Thanks for the replies. I’ve just uploaded some other views, here they are:


View from behind.


And here is a cheesy “Burnout version”:slight_smile: I used Pyrocluster for this one.


five stars :slight_smile:


superb model!

i loved it,the last one is awesome.
can u post a wire,(just to learn more)
and i just dont agree with the bump map of the ground,some parts looks opposite bump mapped.


nothing to say.

5 star!


Superb work! Frontpage stuff for sure!

EXCELLENT work! :argh:


Brilliant modelling and an excellent render.


Perfect model of a perfect car ! 5 stars !


Excellent work:

Perfect model, perfect environment
Only one minor crit, edges a bit “edgy”
Try put up the anti antialiasing or increase res

Keep up the high quality work - hope you get something for this fine piece


I’ve seen a lot of photoreal cars here but thats one of the best I’ve ever seen. Someone should take it to the frontpage, it’s not a usual Audi TT we can see every day. 5 stars from me bud:buttrock:

In hungarian: K**va jó!


Great work. These reflections, and so much detils. Chrome elements are winning!


This is incredible!

The only thing I would echo is that it would probably help to increase the AA. In the first post, the hood edges are a bit jagged… and you can see a bit of that in the other post as well.

I would also love to see the wires for this one!

Well done!



It can only be described as fantastic. Perfectly photo-real and nice effects on the burn out shot. Great car choice too. The classics.