Ferdinand Terado - Animation Sessions 10 - dialogue 01


Ok, it’s finally happened.

Here’s an animation of mine using “boomstick.” I’ve been meaning to
post blocked out poses in teh beginning, but I just ended up animating. Take a look-see;


Comments, suggestions, welcome.:bounce:


Hi Ferdinand,

looks already very well! :thumbsup:

Some minor crits:

  1. After ‘See this …’ the character seems to freeze for a moment, maybe you can add some slight bidy movement there.

  2. Maybe raise the camera (move up along Y-axis) and zoom out a little bit, so that in the final shot the viewer not only sees the muzzle, but also the barrel of the gun.

Keep going !


Thanks dude…yeah, gotta do somethin’ about that hold at “see this?”
I have to think about the “boom” part a bit - I intended the rifle to be really
in your face to emphasize the “boom” part. If i zoom out and show more of
the barrel, I’ll lose the whole effect (this is also the reason why i used a ridiculously
narrow lense, to make the foreground objects really big).

Well, I got me another couple o’ weeks to juice it up.

pea zout :buttrock:


I kind of like how it’s in your face at the Boom and don’t really care to see the rest of the barrel. I wonder if around frame 139 you can push that jumping pose a bit more. Like bending his spine back and his head back and his right leg a big more back. Kind of to exagerate that jump pose. I think that might give your final “Boom” pose more bang.

eh, just a thought. :slight_smile:

looking good, though.:thumbsup:


And it’s a damn good thought too. Thanks, I’ll do as you suggest.
an animator can get tunnel vision after staring at the same animation for hours.
Good thing you spotted that. :applause:


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